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Cambridge Plus: Structure

Blending Ghana Education Service with the Cambridge Programme

Structure of The Angels School Cambridge-Plus Programme

  • Learners are given solid foundation in numeracy and literacy for the Cambridge Programme
  • Purely Cambridge Programme & Assessment
  • Cambridge Content plus Selected Relevant Local Content
  • Cambridge Methodology
  • Parents decide at the end of Grade 5 whether they want their wards to pursue Cambridge or GES curriculum
  • Stream 1 - Cambridge Curriculum and assessment including Progression Test and Checkpoint
  • Stream 2 - GES Curriculum that includes continuous assessment & cummulative records
  • These streams shall continue on their paths unto their statutory examinations
  • BECE (GES)
  • IGCSE i.e. International General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • During these 2 years (G9 & 10), there are a number of subjects that are compulsory for students. Students can then opt to study from a range of suggested subjects. Results for the exam (IGCSE) are released mid-August.
  • Students choose 5 subjects to study for a year and take AS exams at the end of the year.
  • Students choose 3 of the 5 subjects they have been studying in the previous year. Students take A2 exams in a minimum of 3 subjects at the end of the year to complete full A levels.