December 2016 Newsletter

1st December, 2016

Dear Parent,



The first trimester vacation will commence as from 14:00 hours on 6th December, 2016 and end on Monday 9th January, 2017. Normal academic work will begin on Tuesday, 10th January, 2017.



The end of term examination reports and scripts will be released to parents on the 9th (for pre-school and primary departments) and 15th (Junior High and Secondary departments) of December, 2016.



There will be the usual children’s end of year party on the day of vacation,  [6th December, 2016].  Children are expected to bring food and drinks for themselves and their friends. They should be in their party dresses on this day. DRESSES SHOULD BE DECENT and acceptable by the school standards. Students who, in defiance, come dressed provocatively will be strictly confined to the detention zone.



We wish to inform parents that the Christmas Programme scheduled for the 3rd of December has been rescheduled for the 10th of December, 2016.  We guarantee a wonderful and memorable carols night. 



Parents may have noticed that the school has a more improved canteen service than what it used to be.  This has been possible through an outsourced arrangement we have made with a parent. Thanks to the parents who showed concern and immediately pointed the need out to


We appreciate this civil approach.  This school will not encourage or countenance any other approach that will undermine our long-standing cordial family-school relationship that has been a hallmark over the years.


We shall therefore reiterate that parents are encouraged to walk into any office of the school any time of the day to discuss their concerns.  We are a school with a listening management team and look to foster the partnership with you parents and stakeholders.  Our children deserve quick and
immediate response to discussions as well as solutions to concerns which will inure to their benefit.


Any other approach that will foment passions among our dear parents, whilst delaying solutions will not be the best way forward for our beautiful school.  We highly commend Madam Mumcy Morrison, Madam Nana Yaa Agyapon, Madam Emma Kuukua Aniagyei and Madam Michaella Asare whose direct approach inspired a change at the canteen.  THANK YOU!



We do reiterate our assurance to parents that we shall put our compound in the best of shape befitting a school as ours.  Parents may recall that before school reopened for the first trimester we promised them that they would see an improved school come the subsequent trimester.  (This trimester) and indeed, before the school resumed we had finished the walls, fixed the gates, created a safe walk-way for our children, furnished our sick bay, furnished our library and science laboratory. We would like to assure our parents that come next trimester, we will improve the land scape of the school to improve the dusty condition of the compound and better the general outlook of the school.



It is worth mentioning that in proposing the school fees review to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Management considered  some key factors including cost of educating a child in Angels School, a need to improve our facilities, the harsh economic conditions parents might be facing, review of teachers’ salaries etc.  


However, the Board of Directors, a number of whom are also parents of our school considered the plight of parents and approved the least among the three school fees review scenarios so that parents can afford whilst the school stays in competition among our category of
international schools.  The other international schools can beat us in the high fees they charge but they cannot beat us in the area of academics.


It has come to our attention that the closing date for the on-going FEESMAS BONANZA is rather short.  For this reason we have extended the deadline to the 6th of December, 2016 to create space for the many interested parents who wish to take full advantage of this enticing offer.  We are a listening management.


Thank you and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.