October 2014 Newsletter

2nd October, 2014

Dear Parent,

"Renewing our Commitment to the values that make us who we are"


The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing – Zephaniah 3:17

We are glad to welcome you back to school for a new term, a New Academic Year with fresh zeal. The Lord has done many good things for us; management, teachers, parents and students of Angels school.  God treats this school with such favour, that one would say He has an office right among us. To Him be the glory.


This Trimester

This trimester promises to be a busy and an exciting one.  We are excited to have all our children reporting back hale and hearty.  They have grown taller and look happy.  There are continuous counseling and pep talks for our students to continue to aspire for excellence and “strive to keep it” (as is enshrined in the school anthem).


Our teachers are all back looking zealous as always and in high spirits poised to carry ahead the school’s great mission :


To give that excellent education, which will affect the character, thinking and behavior of the child as well as offer him the requisite skills, all within a Christian environment”.


Similarly, the school has done and is doing everything in its power to make all the fresh students feel welcome.  Admission for this trimester has been the second highest in recent times.  (Parents are assured that this development will not, in any way, compromise our small class size policy).


As part of our regular Professional Development Training for staff, teachers are constantly reminded of the school’s mission and motto and how we can realize these as a school.  To this same cause, we have had to restructure the management team (refer to our website) for a better and more effective school management.


This fourteen-week trimester has the theme: “Renewing our Commitment to the values that make us who we are”. We trust that parents will give all the support needed to their children, teachers and the school as a whole so that together we shall realize this feat.


Cambridge Report

It is refreshing to know that we now have a good number of Cambridge students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  We have had to increase staff strength and take on two extra masters who are well qualified to teach as we increase the secondary classes. 


They are in the persons of Mr. Michael Yeboah Donkor (M. Phil-University of Ghana), from East Airport International School and Mr. Wisdom Gidimadjor (MA-University of Ghana) a former Angels School Master who left for school briefly to do his Masters’. (He is the same gentleman who coached Jessica Penu to win the nation-wide Spelling ‘B’ contest in 2011).



Our school has been invited, among other Cambridge International schools, by the British Council to attend “Education UK International Schools Fair” at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel – Bugun Hall on the 29th of October, 2014. This fair is aimed at exposing our students to the various UK Universities and Colleges. We look forward to interacting with the representatives of schools that will participate.

We intend to send all our 8th Grade Cambridge students to the venue to get them acquainted with the range of study opportunities available out there.  If there is any further information parents need to know in this regard, we shall oblige to let them know in due course.



1) Parents of wards who want to come along are allowed.
2) There are other arrangements to send all our 8th grade GES students to some of the major tertiary schools in Accra (that is University of Ghana).


We are also pleased to note that this time round many parents of grade six students have opted to have their wards prepared for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).  This development is unlike that of last year where the number of students in the same class was just eleven (11). 


We want to believe this increase in subscription has been as a result of the school’s decision to run both programmes alongside indefinitely. (The Cambridge International Programme and the Ghana Education Service Programme).


Our satisfaction in this is that, we are running a system in which parents, without duress,are given fair options to make choices of what programme they desire their wards to pursue.


Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music(ABRSM)

The school wishes to take its maiden ABRSM Exams in March, 2015.  You may recollect that we informed you of our intention to introduce the International Music Exam as part of the school curriculum, for which reason we had to restructure our music programme to make the piano lesson mandatory for all students as well as make music an examinable subject in Angels School. Parents should note that this external music exam (ABRSM) is not compulsory and that only children who are ready irrespective of their classes, age or gender will be made to take these exams.  The school reserves the right to decide which children are ready for which level of the ABRSM exams.  We will however work closely with parents about their children’s readiness before deciding if they should take the exam or otherwise.  We shall create an “up-date platform” on our website soon for interested parents.


BECE Results

It is not with the usual enthusiasm or acclaim that we announce the results of the 2014 BECE. Even though we had a hundred percent (100%) Pass and that our results compare favourably with some of the best in neighbouring schools, we are convinced we should have excelled as has always been our practice. 


The results we gather from other schools are no better; notwithstanding, we believe nothing less than excellence is good enough for Angels School.  There are meetings on-going and involving parents, teachers, management and board of directors to find out why our candidates performed below our expectation.  The results will be put online for parents’ perusal.


Click here Download Complete B.E.C.E Results


The School Project

The school has finally started its school building project.  The school complex, code named “The Haven” is a one-of-a-kind that will meet any international standard and also help fulfill the school’s vision.  The complex will comprise all the various departments and their facilities. Parents may visit our website to see the proposed facilities onsite.  We shall update parents on progress of the project from time to time.


The first phase, which is the Pre-school is about 75% completed.  This means all the beautiful Pre-school edifice is only 75% completed. 


It is our plans however to start the second phase, which include the primary, Junior High and the secondary facilities.  Due to the need for space and better facilities for the Ghana Education Service and Cambridge programmes, we wish to complete the first and second floors of the project to accommodate a section of the Primary and the whole of Secondary and Junior High departments all within this academic year.


Withdrawal of Service By Mr. Michael Mensah as Superintendent

The school has since the 12th of August, 2014 received a letter of withdrawal of service as a superintendent of the school from Mr. Michael Mensah.  His reason for withdrawing his service premised on urgent family needs which require his attention.  After series of deliberations or discussions with him, management has no reason to doubt his call for the withdrawal of his services. 


In his stead the school has appointed Mr. Bernard Agbagba to take charge as the head of Primary Department.  Other appointments have been made of Mr. Albert Annobil as head teacher in-charge of Cambridge Programmes.  He is being assisted by Mr. Michael Donkor a Cambridge –trained veteran from East Airport International School, now teaching in Angels School. These changes have necessitated a restructuring of management for a more effect work.  We are certain parents will soon attest of the effect of this restructuring (Parents may visit the school’s website and study it.)



We want to use this opportunity to express our sincere apology for the tardiness with which the Cambridge books have taken to get to your wards.  Circumstances which accounted for the delay were just beyond us.  Prices and quotations have had to change several times before we could settle on prices which were acceptable to suppliers and the school. 

Please note that there are three categories of books involved:

  • The Oxford recommended books
  • The non-Oxford ones
  • The teachers’ resource books

Currently we have received the first consignment of the Oxford books and all of the teachers’ resource books.  The second consignment of the Oxford books will arrive by the end of October, 2014.  By our arrangements the non-Oxford books will arrive by the first week of November, 2014.    We are going the extra mile to have these books air-lifted into the country as quickly as possible.  Parents will be duly notified with regard to the sale of books before the resumption of the Mid-trimester break. In the meantime, teachers have received their copies of the resource materials.


In making the best out of this circumstance, we have taken consignment of a complete list of teachers’ reference books and materials before the books arrive in November, 2014.  While teachers use these reference books we have made sure exercise books and other stationery the children need have all been provided.  Where it becomes very necessary that children would need to use reference or text books, the school is ready to make photocopies of such material at its cost.


The School’s Policy on Reading

The theme for the term has added the impetus to revive the school’s policy on Reading.  With the view to creating the favourable thrust in ensuring the overhaul of standards, the school continues to maintain its position that parents rightly deserve value for money.


To wit, the non-reading children are perceived as the greatest problem in the ever declining Ghanaian education.  Angels Specialist School owes it a duty to the numerous parents and subscribers to ensure we work on the reading habits and skills of all children and students in the school.  To us the love of books and the need to make children learn to read well will help shape them to become leaders of tomorrow.  Society ought to recognize that children are made readers on the laps of their parents.  Hence the interactive Reading Programmes we roll out will be made accessible to all parents via the internet.


The policy, spawned from programmes that appreciate reading aloud with children, will continue to be the single most important activity for building knowledge and broadening horizons.  It will ensure and enhance the progression of reading throughout the school and promote cohesive approach to reading. The reading strategies will include the following:

  • Phonics- Children in Pre-School will be taught skills through Letters and Sounds.
  • Guided Reading - Children in the lower primary will be taken in smaller groups and sent through the pace.
  • Shared Reading-Children in the Upper Primary and beyond will be taken through intensive work that should include fluency, vocabulary and comprehension
  • Individual Reading-Children with SLCN will be taken up in the school library at appointed schedules and with the ISP instructor.


In all this, parents will be an integral part of implementing the policy and ensuring that the desired goals are achieved.


NB: parents should visit our website and have a look at the school’s new policy on reading.


Extra-Curricular Activities

We resumed the after-school programme effective yesterday 1st October, 2014.  Parents should kindly note that the monthly fees for the after school programme has been adjusted upward from thirty Ghana Cedis (GH¢30.00) to Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢50.00) a month.  Parents would bear us out that we had maintained the former fees since the past two years. 


The following are the lessons and courses offered under the extra-curricular activities.

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Flute
  • Trombone
  • Trumpet and guitar


The programme starts at 2:30p.m. after both upper and lower primary have closed and end at 4:30p.m. each day.  This means interested parents will have to leave their children till 4:30p.m.; picking them earlier than 4:30p.m. disrupts classes.


We would like concerned parents to know that we have gone a great length to renegotiate with the trainers who had been discouraged by parents’ non-payment of fees and the disruption of lessons by parents who pick the children in the middle of the programme.  Parents who enroll their children for the programme should kindly pay fees on time and regularly and wait till the closing time.  Let us all help to sustain this beautiful programme for the sake of our children.



We wish to inform parents that prices of coupons for food sold in the school have been reviewed.  We increased it by fifty pesewas.  The prices are as follows:

Old price               New price
GH¢2.50               GH¢3.00
GH¢3.00               GH¢3.50
GH¢3.50               GH¢4.00


Parents should also note that we have withdrawn the two cedis fifty pesewas (GH¢2.50) coupons.  We hope parents would appreciate how long we have run the services (more than a year) without reviewing the prices though there was enormous pressure to review them because of prices hikes in the market.


Electronic Identity Card

Parents may have noticed that the school has started the electronic attendance (clock-in) system.  The exercise looks fascinating and quite orderly.  This week’s exercise, a pilot-based one, was to make foolproof of the system.  You are also reminded that the identity card will also be used as “wallet” on which monies could be loaded and used to purchase food at the canteen.  This electronic coupon system will be in operation next week.  The consulting agency (SolveIt) will dispatch their agents to monitor the initial stages of the exercise till the children get used to its operation.

Among the countless advantages for using this electronic cards, are a few:

  • Monies not used up on the card can be rolled over or kept on the card without getting lost.
  • Parents can monitor how children spend and regulate the monies they upload.
  • It gives our children a head start into the world that is fast moving into electronic card transaction system.
  • It reduces the rate at which children handle, misplace and pilfer money.
  • It serves as safety measure for parents to track when their children come or leave the school.


Photographs of all fresh pupils have been taken and their data being processed and that by the end of this week each one of them will be issued the electronic ID Card.


For further enquiries, kindly contact Mr. Anane on 0276-361-326


Attached, find the calendar of activities for the trimester.


We wish you all the very best.  The Lord bless us all.


- Management