June 2017 Letter

8th June, 2017

Dear Parents,



We wish to once again remind parents about the Open House scheduled for tomorrow, 9th June, 2017. You are to take note that the time for the Open House is as from 10:00am.  Parents have any time between 10:00am and 2:00pm to attend the programme.


Concerns have reached management about some parents who wish to visit the classrooms directly after they drop their children in the morning.  We so wish that could be possible; however teachers will be receiving children, settling down and organizing themselves for the day’s activities for that matter they will not be able to attend to individual parents at the time.


However, parents who cannot make it with the stipulated time can only pick up their children’s exam report without inspecting books etc. or engaging the teacher.


We anticipate another good time with you parents.




We wish to announce for the information of parents that the stakeholders’ meeting scheduled for the 10th June has been postponed to the 17th June, 2017. The change is as a result of the school’s inability to get our usual venue.


We regret the inconvenience.


Thank you.