February 2015 Newsletter

12th February, 2015

Dear Parent,



We formally remind parents that, the mid-trimester break begins at 14:00hours on Thursday, February 12, 2015 and ends on Monday, February 16, 2015.  Normal academic work will resume on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.


The mid-trimester test papers and results will be released to parents on February 18, 2015. Parents are therefore advised to contact the teachers of their ward(s) for collection.


We would like to remind parents of the school fees payment policy and reiterate that by the resumption of the mid-trimester break, all fees must be paid.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to run the school to the expectation of parents when so much fees is outstanding.  Parents are therefore reminded that both children who owe part or full fees will be asked to stay out of class till full payment is made come Tuesday, February 17, 2015.


We also wish to appeal to parents who have paid fees at the bank and have not submitted the slip to the accounts office for reconciliation should do so to avoid the inconvenience of making their wards stay out of the class. All these, notwithstanding, we should like to congratulate parents who consistently make it their priority to pay fees on time.  Their timely fees payments help enormously in the running of the school.  We acknowledge each one of you.




The activity co-ordinating team is planning to send the whole Angels School Family; children, teachers and parents to Akuse on a family day out picnic on the 7th of March, 2015


Preparations have been made to secure the entire beautiful park exclusively for Angels School. Spacious, air-conditioned buses are being arranged to transport as many children and parents that would like to go for the trip. The team is planning lots and lots of indoor and outdoor activities.



Interested children will pay not more than GH¢40.00 for transportation and entry fee whereas parents who look to go in our buses will pay not more than GH¢50.00.   

Specific figures and details of the trip will be communicated to parents as soon as we return from the mid-trimester break.



At Angels, co-curricular education is a vital option as it adds to the all-round development of our children.  As much as it is done after normal school hours and therefore not all are able to attend, we would have wished all our children are enrolled on the programme.


  • There are a total of three music classes at the Primary department, namely;

Piano, Guitar, Flute classes and two classes at the Junior High department namely; Chess and Book club


  • Total number of regular students on these programmes is Sixty-Eight (68). Classes are regular, consistent and more serious than ever. Fees for each activity or class is fifty Ghana cedis (GHȻ 50) per child per month. (Except for the book club which is free of charge).



We have identified the inconsistency on the part of trainers or coaches of the various classes as a result of lack of regular payment of fees. To avert this we have had to ask defaulting children to stay out of the classes till fees are paid up.  This development has created some sanity and seriousness in the programme.


We also had to suspend the violin class for lack of patronage on the part of parents. We tied this trend apathy to inconsistency exhibited by the violin teacher. We look to put this violin class on hold till we are ready to offer better services to the parents who pay for that.