December 2013 Newsletter

11th December, 2013

Dear Parent,



We have come to the end of yet another fruitful trimester.  We must all be thankful to the Almighty God for His Divine protection, love, faithfulness and all that He has shown to the school, parents, pupils, students and the staff of the school.


The 1st trimester vacation will commence on Thursday, 12th December, 2013 at 14:00hours and will end on Monday, 6th January, 2014.  Normal academic work will begin on Tuesday, 7th January, 2014.



The end of term examination reports and scripts will be released to parents on the 20th of December, 2013.



There will be the children’s end of year party on the day of vacation [12th December, 2013].  Children are requested to bring food and drinks for themselves and their friends. They should be in their party dresses on this day.  Dresses should be decent.



Re-Enforced Supervision

Throughout the term, we have stuck to our promise and stepped up supervision in all aspects of our school. The children’s participation, their well-being and the teachers’ work in the teaching and learning processes are being monitored rigorously to ensure that the quality and frequency of marking and correcting exercises are not paid a lip service. Greater attention has been paid to the homework doled out in accordance with the homework schedule and the virtual school projects uploaded during the mid-term recess. We have despatched feedback of these virtual school projects to parents whose wards endeared themselves and performed the tasks. We have a word for parents who came up with excuses when their wards failed to submit their work. Co-operate with us to ensure that this innovative concept is not scuppered.


Our quest for excellence informs us to strive to create that conducive atmosphere which will make learning pleasant for our children. We always welcome your contributions, suggestions and constructive criticisms. We cannot deny parents their inalienable right to help raise this school to loftier heights. 


Basic Education Certificate Examination

Glory be to God for the wonderful performance by our candidates during the 2013 Basic Education Certificate Examination. We feel proud and justifiably so that the 8th batch of students are pursuing their Senior High Education with twenty nine (29) of them in their first choice schools and three (3) in their second choice schools. This is no mean accomplishment. We therefore express a profound gratitude to our cherished parents for the cooperation and ever- ready support in diverse ways to make such achievements a reality.


Preparations are underway to adequately equip the current candidates for another victory during the 2014 Basic Education Certificate Examination. We count on parents’ cooperation in various aspects for sufficient support for our younger brothers and sisters to realize their dreams of excellence. 


Click to Download a Complete Report on our BECE Performance


Supporting the idea of total education

The Junior High Department this trimester has received a tremendous face-lift in many areas. Besides the general painting work, the furniture in some classrooms are replaced with more modern ones to ensure that our dear students get the opportunity to study in a more comfortable condition.

Other projects being undertaken in the Junior High Department during this trimester include:

  • The setting up of a well-equipped Science Laboratory to facilitate the teaching and learning of Science by offering the students the opportunity to experiment what they are taught and not to be restricted to the theory only.
  • The re-stocking of the School Library with new books.
  • The ongoing refurbishment of the ICT Laboratory to give it an ultra-modern status.
  • The ongoing construction of a badminton court to diversify, encourage as well as make interesting physical education in the school.



The pre-school reading programme dubbed ‘Operation  Readkicked off on 8th November with a short introductory session.  During the meeting the Co-ordinator, Mr. Joel Idun, the Superintendent, Mr. Mensah, and the Pre-School Headmistress, Mrs. Tsakpornu, explained the concept and purpose of the programme.  Everyone present agreed that the programme was a good idea and would benefit the kids immensely.


The second week saw Mr. Joel Idun hosting meetings with the parents of the different stage groups – Crèche and nursery, pre reception, and reception.  During the workshops Mr.  Joel Idun explained the age appropriate response to books and reading for children at each of the three stages. At the Crèche and Nursery children should be able to pick a book and realize that it contains information.  They may even go as far as ‘reading’ by deciphering the pictures and making up stories. This is known as “Reading Readiness”. 


The Pre- Reception children should be able to expand upon their nursery ‘knowledge’ and also recognize ‘key words’ within the story of the book.  The reception children should be able to recognize more ‘key words’ and also decode other words using phonics.  One of the most important points that Mr. Joel Idun addressed was the rationale behind teaching both ‘keywords’ and phonics. Not all words can be decoded phonetically as they may not make sense - e.g boy.  Such words must be memorized.


Although only a few parents/guardians were able to make it to the workshops, their energy was very positive and their responses extremely encouraging.  We thank all those who showed interest and got involved in the programme. We look forward to our ongoing partnership.  A special mention must be made of the parents of Caleb Fiifi Ocran, Eric Ato Martins, Gabriel Kojo Ayenso-Nyarko, Deo Keli Govina, and Molly Nhyira Sarpong - Thank you for making time in your busy schedules to come and read to our kids - Ayekoo!



Much as we do understand the genuine financial problems some parents face, the financial policy as regards the payment of school fees will not be compromised since you will agree that institutions and for that matter, Angels School, cannot run its programmes without a sound financial base.

The school still stands by the policy that parents with one or two wards pay their wards’ fees fully (100% of the total fees) ON or BEFORE the resumption.  However, parents with more than two wards have the option of paying 75% of the total of fees ON or BEFORE the resumption of school.


“Feesmas” Bonus

As part of our Christmas package to our parents, we are giving 10% discount to those who will make full payment of fees for the next trimester between now and 17th December, 2013. Take advantage of this rare offer while it lasts.

Save money and enjoy a blissful holiday.

We pray parents with financial difficulties will overcome them so that they could take advantage of this opportunity.



We are happy to inform parents that a new Board of Directors, made up of very prominent personalities  with varied expertise, experience and knowledge have been invited to team up with the already existing three to make seven.  These distinguished personalities were carefully chosen and invited to bring their experience to bear on the school board.  The school deems this decision vital to the achievement and the new direction we are forging.  We have received positive response from every one of them.  They further expressed their joy to be on the BOD to help steer the affairs of a notable school such as ours.


Our first meeting will be scheduled in two weeks.  We shall oblige to disclose the identity of the members to parents after the maiden meeting.



We have always looked forward to this auspicious event of the awards night where we believed our wonderful children, the hard working staff and extraordinary stakeholders would be recognized and appreciated because they deserved it all.  Unfortunately, technical hitches and other challenges, hitherto unexpected, have thrown a spanner in the works.  We are guilty of kicking ourselves in the teeth when we bring to your notice that we have had to call off the occasion with the view of planning properly for it in the not-too-distant future.



At a sitting of management, we passed a resolution that will become a policy on provision, acquisition, supply and sale of text books, exercise books and all other materials in the school. We should like parents to know a few points of the resolution on acquisition and supply.

  • That by the end of the 1st trimester, list of books and other materials will be ready and made available to parents.
  • That within the first half of the following trimester (2nd Trimester) parents will notify the school whether they would want the school to supply books to their wards or prefer to purchase the books elsewhere.
  • That parents who wish to purchase books and other stationery elsewhere can do so except the branded books. (That is; exercise books or other reference materials with the school’s name on them).
  • That the school will order books and other materials strictly according to the number of parents who will prefer the school to supply the books.
  • That by the end of the second trimester, parents will be notified in writing as to thespecific number of parents the school will supply books for the avoidance of doubt.
  • That the order of books will be made at the beginning of the third trimester.
  • That all materials will be made available at the school within the third trimester and that concerned parents will have their books and other materials by the close of the same trimester.
  • That parents who opt to purchase their own books will be expected to have procured their books by the same time.


We have had to bend backwards to put these policies in place to, once and for all, bring to an end the lapses and inadequacies in the supply of books and to regain parents’ confidence in the book-service we give.


Parents should visit the school’s website, after the 19th of December, 2013 to download the book list.



We are glad to inform parents that the supply of uniforms and the rendering transport services have seen a tremendous improvement.  We deliberately made changes and put necessary measures in place so we could give parents a service that is satisfactory.  Currently the number of children who board the bus has increased from 11 to 18.  The maximum number required is 25.  The school has had to pay the difference to make up for the total fare.


However, we will continue to render the service to the relief of parents as they so desperately need it, in spite of this challenge.  We have given the parents concerned an “excellent” service as evidenced in the comment of one satisfied parent. Parents who live around Devtraco, Community 25, Emefs and their environs can take advantage of our transport service next term.  For further enquiries please contact Michelle on 0275234723.


We wish parents a very Merry Christmas!


- Management