February 2018 Letter

14th February, 2018

Dear Parent,

In the philosophy and belief of our school, two elements have been key to building confidence in every child – Exposure and Respect. There is little wonder that our children exude that confidence. To respect children’s views and feelings is to make that impact of greatness on their self-esteem. Exposure, the other component in confidence building, unlocks the door to rolling vistas of experiences and numerous encounters.

Our school is currently into working partnership with some Cambridge schools around Tema determined to send our children on a visit to top-notch schools such as Brunel University and Cats College Cambridge in the UK this summer.

In collaboration with Directors of some Cambridge Schools in the Tema Metropolis we are working to fly a number of interested children to the UK to visit these educational institutions and also have a three-day whistle stop sojourn in Dubai.

Brunel University, a top UK University, has a modern and spacious campus in the lively town of Uxbridge, West London. Aside the range of on-campus amenities, students will benefit from their proximity to Central London and all the major attractions accessible by tube. CAT College Cambridge, a leading sixth form College is located in the heart of the academic city of Cambridge.

Accommodation is on-site at both locations, with single en-suite rooms furnished to high standards.
Students will have the opportunity to meet and engage with new friends from all over the world. They will undertake personal as well as group courses tailored to meet their academic, emotional and physical needs. They will also have memorable excursions to London, Brighton, Windsor, Warwick, Bath, where they could visit theme parks, museums and see various side attractions. The programme will cover academic and vocational activities including but not limited to Literature, Literary Communication, ICT, Humanities, Science, Catering and Art & Design.


Two or Two-and-a-half weeks



22nd July – 5th August (9-11 years)
18th July – 5th August (12+ years)



For students aged 9-11: The total cost of the summer programme is £2900. This includes the programme participation fee, accommodation, visa processing fee, airline tickets, travel insurance, food, excursion and transportation costs.

For students aged 12+ years: The total cost is £3300. This includes the programme participation fee, accommodation in Cambridge and Dubai, Visa processing fees, airline ticket, travel insurance, food, excursion and transportation costs.

Please note that the deadline for registration is the 28th February, 2018. A deposit of 30% is required at the time of registration then 40% is payable by 23rd March and the last instalment payable by 27th April, 2018.

To register or make further enquiries, please visit the Business Director’s office at the Administration or call Naki on 0267209202.


Yours faithfully,
Simon Peter Attah-Cato