May 2016 Newsletter

16th May, 2016

Dear Parent,  


When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.
Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.
The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.
Turn again our captivity, O Lord, as the streams in the south.
They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.
He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

  • Psalm 126



We welcome all our children to school from the holidays.  It is by the grace of God that all our children, teachers and workers are back to school safe and sound.  We continue to give Him alone All the glory.


We Have Moved

The school has finally moved to Community 12, our own premises.  Here, the facilities though temporary, are far better than those we occupied previously.  We can now boast of spacious and airy classrooms, 18 toilets (apart from the ones in the main block) two Libraries, two ICT Laboratories, one Art Laboratory, one music laboratory, one media suite, a book store and a shop, one sick bay, offices and  a reception.


The Compound
We appreciate the concern of parents about the bare and dusty nature of the compound.  Plans are underway to turn the compound into a beautiful landscape that will have a parking space, walk-ways, trees, play area etc.  It is our determination to design the compound befitting Angels School and to secure the compound with gates.  We promise parents that the school will give our children far more than they, parents will ever expect.


The Theme: Discipline, Order and Cleanliness

The change that has occurred in the school by way of moving to Community 12, is very significant. However, we believe that the true change in our school should reflect our system; management, service professionalism and attitude. We are therefore determined to commensurate the change by the way we run the school.  Hence the theme; Discipline, Order and Cleanliness.


We hope to practise discipline, order and cleanliness as management and staff and wish to instill same in our children.


For safety reasons it is important to inform us ahead if your child is going to be picked up by any different person otherwise known or officially introduced to us.

Parents who are unable to pick up their wards by 3:30pm must make necessary arrangement with the pre-school Head for an extra hour package in order to officially assign a teacher to take up the task.  This is going to attract extra charges.


Change of Clothing
For any eventuality, we urge parents to always remember to include a complete change- over clothing in their children’s bags.


New Development
We wish to notify parents of the following development in the Pre-school department.

  • A separate teacher for Art and Bible Knowledge.

Mrs. Josephine Toxla is now the teacher for Art and Creativity at the Pre-Reception and Reception level as well as for Bible Knowledge from the Nursery to Reception.

  • French at the Reception level:  Your children are privileged to start learning French at the Reception level.  Miss Elisabeth Badu is our new French teacher at the Reception level. 


Due to our sincere commitment to helping all students reach their intellectual potential, we deem it necessary for these developments and count on your support for their successes.


Last Year in Pre-School Fun/Educational Trips

As a tradition of the Pre-school department, the Reception class will embark on some exciting /educational trips this term to commemorate their last year in the Pre-school department before they graduate to Grade one.  Details will be communicated to you in due course for your necessary preparation.


100 Books before Grade One

As part of the activities for our “Last year in Pre-school, we wish to also introduce ‘100 BOOKS BEFORE GRADE ONE.  Our Reception or Kindergarten children have been put to the task to read one hundred books before they finally graduate to Grade 1.   Parents will be sent list of books they will have to obtain to help complete this project.  It is expected that if a child reads two books a day, by the end of thirteen weeks he/she will have read 182 books.  We count on parents’ usual support.


Academic Affairs

International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

As part of the contract we have had with e-leaner Computer for Kids programme, children in our school from Grade 6 to grade 8 have the option of taking the International Computer Driving License and become international certificate holders.  The exams are taken in three (3) different levels.
That is Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Learners in sixth grade will go in for the silver and that will entail: 5 units, Namely; IT Basic, Files & Folders, Drawing, Spreadsheet and Word Processing. Gold and Platinum will offer IT Basic, File and Folders, Drawing, Word Processing, Spread Sheet, Presentation and Web Browsing and email.  Details of these exams will be communicated to parents in due course.


Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)

We wish to let parents know that there are now two sets of classes to prepare for the ABRSM exams.   There are at least ten students in each class.  Parents should note that the class that took the level 1 exam last year are now qualified to take level 2 exams. It is worth noting that these international examinations we are exposing our students to are as a reason of the school’s vision to make the school a hub for international examinations to  give our students multiple opportunities.


Continuation of Cambridge Year 9 Academic Work
We write to explain to parents and guardians of the Cambridge Year 9 class the need for students to continue academic work after taking the Secondary Check-Point Tests. It is worth noting that the check-point tests were administered exclusively in English Language, Mathematics and Science.  In the run-up to the tests candidates were made to concentrate on the three examinable subjects mentioned while the rest were put on a temporary hold. 


This implies there is the need for them to return to classes to complete the syllabi for the subjects that were put on hold. As it stands, finishing off the syllabi as indicated is a necessary part of the preparations afoot for their next level – Year 10 when they will be taken through their chosen courses of study for the IGCSE ‘O’ Level to be taken in Year 11.  It is our hope that parents will appreciate the need for their children to return to school for the third trimester’s academic work.


We shall soon put out advertisement for fresh students for IGCSE programme.  Parents who have wards that did not complete Year 9 in our school could still apply to have them enrolled in our Year 10 class.  There are very good reasons why you should choose our Cambridge Secondary; among them are the following;

  • Our fees are competitively moderate.
  • We guarantee results.


Boarding facility
Angels Specialist School will start a boarding programme for all interested students except for children in the Pre-school, First and Second Grades.


Entrance/Placement Test
Our entrance examination is scheduled for the 18th of June 2016. Parents who need to pick up registration forms may do so at the front desk or obtain same from the school’s website.


Electronic card; a must for all students
Parents will bear witness that with all the departments at one premise there is an urgent need for control system. The canteen is under pressure because of the large numbers of children who queue for coupons and for food, despite all necessary measures to curb this.


We have had to set different break periods, increase attendants that serve food etc. yet 45 minutes is not enough to queue for coupon and then queue again for food daily. In view of the above, management has decided that every child/student apart from Pre-school children should obtain the electronic wallet on which money will be loaded weekly, monthly or termly.  That way, there will not be queuing for coupons. We wish to commence this exercise by next month to avoid children not having enough time for lunch.


After-school Piano Lesson
We write to remind parents that the after-school piano lessons are opened to all interested parents.  Parents whose children are already on the pragramme will attest to the fact that it has been consistent and worth-while.  Every child in the class is able to read the music sheet and can play.  It is fascinating to watch them play.  Interested parents may enroll their children.  The fee is just fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢50) per month. No registration fees required.  The lesson starts at 3:00p.m. and closes at 4:00p.m.each day.


A more Civilized way to Collect Fees
As a family school it is a concern to us how parents feel about the method we use in collecting fees from defaulting pupils or students. It grieves us to ask children to stay out of class when indeed it is the parents we need to deal with.  Parents are reminded that the school has always made room for parents who for any reason cannot pay fees on time to make arrangement with the accounts department as to how they wish to pay fees.


Parents who have taken steps to make arrangement with the school as to how they wish to pay fees have never been affected.  The following are our observations as some of the reasons for the occurrence:


  • Parents do not bring the pay-in-slip to the school after payment made in the bank.
  • Parents do not communicate to us when they are not able to pay fees.
  • Some parents react only after their children are asked to stay out of the class.
  • Defaulting parents adamantly bring their children over to school though aware that fees are not paid.
  • Some parents want the school to remind them at all times that fees are not paid.



  • Parents should always remember to send the bank slip to the accounts office after fees are paid.
  • Make arrangements with the accounts department as to how you wish to pay fees in any particular term.
  • Parents who, by some reason, cannot make such arrangement should kindly keep their wards at home.  (Keeping children at home is not as embarrassing as driving them out of the class).


NB: As regards payment of fees, we would appreciate it if parents would understand that it is extremely difficult to call each defaulting parent by phone as they expect.  Considering the huge numbers, what we will continue to do is send the text messages and letters.  We expect parents to take the singular duty in responding appropriately to our messages and letters that require response.
Please help us and let us honour our children.  We are open to suggestions from parents on a more convenient, civilized and effective way of collecting fees. 


Official WhatsApp Line
We bring to the attention of parents that they can now connect with us via WhatsApp on 0268 318 519. It is our desire to continue to strengthen the relationship with our parents. There will be five groups made up of Pre-School, Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Junior High and Cambridge Secondary. We ask parents to send a short WhatsApp message bearing the grade of their wards. With that we could place them in the appropriate group(s). We entreat parents to share their concerns and ideas to help us give better service.


Thank you.