16th January, 2015

Dear Parent,


The Lord bless thee and keep thee (in this New Year).  The Lord made His face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee (in this New Year).  The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace (in this New Year)Numbers 6:24-26


We wish all our parents a Happy New Year and God’s blessings as contained in the scripture above.  We are thankful to God for making it to the year 2015.


We anticipate a very busy trimester this time round.  There are lots of major academic activities lined up.  These include mock, internal and external exams, debates etc.  The school is geared up and primed for all these activities.


The school is feverishly preparing to sit for our second Cambridge International Examination.  The heat is currently turned on the candidates, the present Sixth Graders (the Cambridge Class). We wish to get parents of concerned students deeply involved.  We will need every support necessary as we prepare them.  The students have taken some mock exams already and many more mock exams are under way. We shall have to extend their closing time and add an extra day (Saturday).


In the same vain the BECE class in the 9th Grade have been taking a number of mocks and are preparing to write their first joint mock exam with another school starting next Monday. This time, the school is leaving no stone unturned.  We are determined to redeem our image from the current 7th position and re-capture our usual first position. (Please pray with us).



Our school has been selected by BID, the Prestigious International Quality Assessment Group in Geneva, Switzerland for an Award. This is our biggest award yet and also our third International recognition beside the Scripps International Spelling Bee and the United Nations Model Contest. We cannot wait to bring details of the award to our parents.  We have, however, posted a copy of the invitation and made a link of BID’s website to the school’s website. To God be all the glory.



The Academic Board has uploaded the various schemes of work for the trimester on the school’s website (kindly go to virtual school). This is intended for parents to follow our programmes online so that they can help their children at home.


The school does not relent in its pursuit of an effective reading policy that will help drive transformational change.  It is for this reason that teachers in the Pre-school and Primary departments are immersed in a crash programme intended to equip them with the requisite skills and refine them in ways to teach reading effectively and efficiently in their respective classrooms. In the Pre-School, where training sessions are underway, teachers are being taken through disciplines that include:

  1. Phonetic Approach
  2. Whole Language Approach
  3. Individualized Reading Approach
  4. Key-Word Approach


These lessons are graded and tailored to help children transition from one level to the other.

In the Lower Primary, teachers are being trained in disciplines that include:

  1. Phonics
  2.  Language Experience
  3.  Individualized Reading Approach
  4. Key-word Approach


Teachers in the Upper Primary will be taken through the following steps in reading:

  1. Basal Reading Approach
  2. Guided Reading
  3. Shared Reading
  4. Individual Reading


In each class, teachers have drawn the list of pupils who are unable to read well and those who cannot read at all.  With these interventions in place, we expect that children in the categories mentioned will have been coached and made to read well as by the middle of this term.  We are passionate about this development and can only solicit the support of parents in this drive.  Our children deserve the full benefit and delight in reading.


We received a fairly large number of responses from parents and guardians who came for the Parent-Teacher Conference held on 18th December, 2014.  As in the case of the Open House, parents were expected to pick their wards’ End-of-Term reports from the respective teachers and in the same vein interact with the teachers concerned.  Even though the event was a low-key one, we were encouraged by the honest and insightful remarks and suggestions that parents made.  The constructive criticisms offered by parents with good intentions will give us an added impetus for improvement.



From the analysis drawn, we have noted that 46% respondents commented impressively about their individual ward’s performances in the examinations.  20% of them thought their wards had put up a mediocre performance and as such needed incisive interventions.  34% of the respondents were disappointed at the performance of their wards.  From their point of view, there was the urgent need to address the situation, even though the consensus was that the teachers were putting in their best as far as delivery was concerned.


For comments on parents’ interactions with the individual teachers, 46% agreed that discussions with teachers were fruitful and tailored towards helping their wards overcome their difficulties.  34% of the respondents held the view that the teachers were just about managing the situation and trying to keep up a straight face.  Such parents suggested incentives be made available to teachers in order to motivate them.  20% of the respondents sounded rather nonchalant and did not openly offer any suggestions.


These suggestions and comments have been uploaded on the school’s website. We want parents to note that we are taking all the pain, as a sign that those candid comments have all been taken in good faith.  On this note, we should like to mention that beside the unfortunate fact that many parents did come to pick their wards’ reports, a large number of reports are still in the office, unclaimed.  This does not speak very well of some of our parents.



We have listened to the concerns of parents to employ a trained (professional) nurse, instead of training a teacher to administer First Aid as in the case of the previous school nurse.  The new nurse will commence work on Monday, the 19th of January, 2015.


Parents are required to encourage their wards to come to school with their ID cards, slot in and out at the entrance to register their attendance.  Please be informed that the identity (ID) card is also used by the children at the primary department as “wallet” to purchase food at the canteen.



We wish to inform parents that the after-school programme is on-going. The starting and closing time remain unchanged (that is 2:30– 4:00p.m.) The fee for the training is still GH¢50 a month.


Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our cherished parents!


God bless you.