March 2015 Newsletter

17th March, 2015

Dear Parent,




Because parents/guardians did not have the required books for their wards at the time expected, the school has decided on the following, with the view to getting the best for parents, considering the time we took custody of the Cambridge Books.


We have had to take the following decisions borne out of parents’ overwhelming concern of the late-arrival of books.  We have given due respect for parents’ suggestion to buy their books next academic year.


  • Instead of parents/guardians buying the Cambridge books, which are now available for their wards, for this academic year, we want parents to buy the books for next academic year instead.
  • This will prevent parents from buying the Cambridge books for this academic year and buy another set for next academic year. This saves parents money.
  • This means that the school will continue to photocopy Cambridge materials, at the cost of the school, to students/pupils for effective academic work.  This has proven to be a good substitute, in the face of the current situation.
  • Because the acquired Cambridge books will be used for the next academic year (from September, 2015), parents should buy each book, one grade higher than the current grades of their wards.  (For instance,  a parent whose ward is in grade three, will have to buy grade four books for their grade three ward since the ward will use the books come next academic year).
  • To avoid buying the books at inflation-induced prices around August and September, parents are advised to cease the opportunity of current prices and have their books bought now.
  • So far only 16 parents have responded to our call for the purchase of books. These parents will have to return their books in exchange of high- grade books.  Any difference in amount, as a result of the exchange, will have to be paid by such parents.
  • Parents whose wards are currently in grade five (5) will have to make it known to the school’s administration whether their wards are going to pursue the GES programme or the Cambridge programme before they buy any book for next academic year.
  • It must be noted that the sale of the Cambridge books starts with the Reception class (KG).
  • It must be noted again that non-Cambridge books and other materials like stationery must still be bought at the school when time is due for their purchase.


As said earlier at the beginning of this letter, these measures have been put in place to avoid parents paying a double price for the delayed books.

Thank you.


  • Management