May 2018 NewsLetter

18th May, 2018

Dear Parent,


Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.
O that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! Then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea:

Isaiah 48:17-18


Our Lord seems to be pointing this scripture our direction this very term.  Exactly why it has to be this very scripture, we cannot tell for now.  But we love His Word and are willing for Him to teach us to profit and lead us the way we should go.  Blessed be His Holy Name.



We wish to welcome all our children, students and parents back to school.  We are glad to have all our children back safe and sound.  We thank God.


The New Angels School

Management is in high spirits and indeed excited to rebrand our school into a entirely new one.

In doing this, Management has considered five areas, two of which relate to ACADEMICS and MANAGEMENT MINDSET.


In ACADEMICS, Management will:

  1. Intensify academic work.
  2. Beef up supervision in all areas of endeavors.
  3. Carry out retooling and constant training of all staff.
  4. Set new bench-marks for students and teachers.


With the MANAGEMENT’S NEW MINDSET we consider:

  1. Renewal of our sense of duty.
  2. Attendance
  3. Response to concerns raised by parents and stakeholders.
  4. Professionalism


We are certain that the carefully planned strategies we continue to put in place, if well executed, will virtually create a new school.  We are confident this term will see a new Angels School.


New Plan For School Fees Collection

As part of our plan in the new Angels School initiative we have come up with the scheme for tackling the issue of defaulting parents. We wish to make parents aware of the improved plan for collection of school fees.


  1. Management will enforce the school fees payment policy of 75% by reopening of school and 25% by mid-term.
  2. Sacking of children from the class will no longer be an option. In its stead, a team of heads of department headed by the Accountant will continually engage defaulting parents in writing,
    telephone calls, text messages, emailing etc. impressing on them to honour the commitment.
  3. Defaulting parents shall pay a penalty of GHȻ10, every week the fees run in arrears. This will help defray the cost of extra services in engaging parents. (Penalty for late payment will begin after the up-coming mid-term).
  4. We urge concerned parents to cooperate with us so that we needn’t have to return to the old system of asking children in arrears of fees to stay out of class.


*It should be noted carefully here that when parents fail to pay fees or delay in doing so it puts the school in an extremely difficult position. As the school does not get subvention from any source, it has to rely on the fees paid to run the system. Without the fees, the school has to resort to the difficult option of going a-borrowing from the banks and that does not help in the smooth running of the system. That is why we urge our parents to always honour their commitment without fail.


Enforcing School Policies, Rules And Regulations

The school will enforce all the rules, regulations and policies that govern it.  Parents are reminded to be abreast of the Disciplinary Code and Rules and Regulations for the children.  Those who did not receive these documents should go on line: and print copies for themselves.


Praise The Lord, Mr. Annobil Is Back

The good Lord has been so good to us, Angels Family.  Our teacher, Mr. Albert Annobil has returned safely from India, strong and fit.  He was in school on Monday, May 14, 2018.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of the school, we wish to thank you good parents for the love you showed when the school called on you.  Your response was overwhelming.  We appreciate and love you for your gesture.  MAY THE SAME GOD BLESS YOU ALL RICHLY for any contribution you made.  It was lifesaving.


Matters Of Academics

We are back for the third and last trimester of this academic year.  Academic work has started on a keen and earnest note and as Management, we continue to exercise our professional judgment to meet the needs of these children entrusted in our care.  A little over three weeks ago, students in Year 6 in the Cambridge programme successfully sat for the Primary Checkpoint.  This was conducted alongside the Secondary Checkpoint taken by Years 8 and 9. 


IG Programme For Year 9

It is very important to bring to the notice of parents, and especially those whose children pursue the Cambridge Programme that our students in Year 9 are already into the IG programme and have been pursuing it since September, 2017.  Having chosen their subjects in line with the courses of study, our students are being prepared for the IGCSE exams in Year 10, come May-June 2019. This should clear the air of the assumption some parents hold that Year 9 is a terminable point and that the school does not run the Cambridge programme beyond Year 9.


On-Going International General Certificate Of Secondary Education Exams

Currently, students in Year 11 are in the heat of the IGCSE examinations.  Expressions from the candidates point to the fact that their various masters did prepare them well for the one-month long examinations.  We are encouraged by these signals and look positively to crowning our efforts with excellent results.


Up-Coming Basic Education Certificate Examination

In the same vein, our Grade 9 candidates for the 2018 BECE are currently housed in our boarding facility where they are immersed in brushing up and putting finishing touches to their preparations. Our candidates look very confident and the signals are that we will carry the day at the BECE.


On-Going General Academic Work

As far as academic work is concerned this term, we continue to manage the curriculum within the spirit of the school’s philosophy and objectives including but not limited to curriculum design, teaching and learning strategies, behavioral expectations for students while undertaking appraisal of teachers. In the Pre-School Phonic reading is being enhanced to ensure children meet the targets for reading by the end of the academic year.  In the Lower Primary, spelling and daily mental drills take centre stage.  From Grades 6 to 8, Dictation continues to feature prominently and will be examinable at the end of each term.  Extra-curricular activities that feature Music, Drama, Spelling Bee, Debating Club, Cadet Corps, Chess and Scrabble are being vigorously re-activated to offer our children a rounded education while helping to realise the potentials in them.


The Boarding House

Parents are informed that our Boarding House is open to accommodate students from upper primary to secondary.  There is maximum comfort and security.  Installed is a new internet service which students can access and do their assignments.  The students are taken through routine lifestyle
including: time to wake up, time to study, time to unwind—all with lots of love and care.  This is good for an organized and focused lifestyle in their  future.  The facility is secured by a security company called Safeway Security Company. Boarders are conveyed to and from school in very comfortable buses.  Their toilet facility is above par and their food is good.  We are ready and willing to take the pressure off parents by accommodating your angels in a befitting boarding environment.  For more information kindly contact Ethel on 0243662666.


School Bus Service

We wish to remind parents that the school started its extended bus service on Tuesday, the 15th of May, 2018 as we promised.  The extended services cover almost all the communities in Tema Township and its environs.  That is; communities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.  The rest are Golf City, Kpone, Gbetsile, Yellow Sign Board, Emefs Esates, Mataheko, Mitchel Camp, Afariwa Junction, Community 22, Community 25 and Devtraco Estates. Interested parents should contact Esther on 0243172133 for further information.


Smart Saturday

The long awaited “SMART SATURDAY” will finally start this trimester.  On these Saturdays, parents who have to travel or attend a function and want a place to put their children can drop them off in the school for maximum care. The school will feed the children on request. Children who need to be helped in handwriting and reading will, on request be taught by specially Trained Teachers. Every child dropped off here on Saturday will enjoy free video show, games  and other activities. Parents can drop off their children from 8am to 6pm. Interested parents should call Lizzy on 0543467106 for more information.


Branding Our School

Management considers the branding of the children’s uniform a vital option in the general school rebranding concept. It is unfortunate that over two terms that the school made the crests available, many of our children do not display them on their uniforms. There is little to show which school the wearer of the uniform belongs. The school will no longer allow children to show up in uniforms that have no clear marks of identification.  Parents are therefore urged to order the school crests from the accounts office. We expect that in two weeks’ time every student in Angels School will have their uniforms displaying the crests.


Engaging Parents In An Intellectual Discourse

Our children have recorded 30 short quotations on Education, a series we wish to post on various social media and on the school WhatsApp platforms.  We intend to post these quotes on the school’s platforms to generate debates or discussions. This is done with the hope of engaging you, intelligent parents in discourses over what concerns us all – the Education of our children.  These discussions will engage our minds and inform all parties the mindset of the school and parents, on issues under discussion.  The first post will be on the platform God willing, next week.  At the end of each school week, the Principal and a parent will decide which contributions or discussions are most relevant or helpful.


Thank you.