October 2014 Newsletter

22nd October, 2014

Dear Parent,



We wish to announce that the mid-trimester recess begins on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 14:00 hours and ends on Monday, October 27, 2014. The school resumes for normal academic activities on Tuesday, October 28, 2014.


Release of mid-trimester examination report
The mid-trimester examination papers and reports would be released to parents tomorrow, October 23, 2014.  We appeal to parents to personally collect the examination papers and reports from the class teachers.


As part of the termly requirements in connection with what is studied in science and geography in class, the third grade pupils of the school will embark on educational trip to Legon Botanical gardens in Accra for an educational tour.  The tour is scheduled for Friday, October 24, 2014.  The Uniform will be the Regular Wear (Blue and White). For further enquiries, kindly contact Mr. David Lamptey on 0243-825-428.


Rescheduling of stakeholders conference
The Stakeholders’ Conference slated for Saturday, October 25, 2014 has been rescheduled to November 8, 2014.  We urge all parents and guardians to take note of the change.


Payment of school fees arrears
As per the policy of the school, fees are expected to be settled IN FULL by the resumption of the mid-trimester break.  In view of this, we urge all parents/guardians to settle their fees without delay.  Parents/Guardians have from today, October 22, 2014 to Monday, October 27, 2014 to fully settle their fees at Cal Bank and present their pay-in slips to the school for receipt.


Customized wrist bands
In the quest to instill discipline and orderliness in pupils, the primary department has been grouped into houses.  This is to promote team work and healthy inter-house competition in the areas of sports, academics and talent shows etc.   


The table below shows the various houses, associated colours and mistresses



House Mistress:

Mrs.Lynda Immanuel


Turqouise blue

House Mistress:

Mrs. Ama Quainoo



House Mistress:

Mrs. Jemimah Donkor


Summer green

House Mistress:

Mrs. Blessy Paul

Customized wrist bands in the colours of the houses will be acquired and made available to pupils at GH¢5 per pupil for the purpose of easy identification and association of house members.


Order in the school
We are making conscious effort to return to the values that make Angels School what it is,

“An International Christian School”.


We teach our children to be confident and assertive within the confines of cherished values and norms.  It is a pleasant sight to see “Angels” making the conscious effort to greet and respond respectfully to adults presence. We are correcting and strengthening the characteristics that make us unique.  Experience our early morning atmosphere of worship and silence hour, while being welcomed by a warm and pleasant teachers on duty.


Visiting hours
While maintaining an open door policy for parents, students and visitors, we are resolved to create an uninterrupted atmosphere of teaching and learning.  In view of this parents and visitors seeking audience with teachers should endeavor to do so before assembly, during the break hours or after closing. Parents who visit the school during class hours are advised to report first to the reception. We believe that this directive when adhered to will give the teacher the ample time to attend to the visitor.


Reconstituted disciplinary committee
The disciplinary committee of the school has been reconstituted.  The four member committee chaired by the Head of School will from time to time invite
parents on issues concerning their wards.  We are called into a ministry to reform the children and parents are encouraged to co-operate in this direction.


To secure the health of our children in the light of the outbreak of cholera, pupils are encouraged to come to school with their own cutlery set. 



The British Council Awards to deserving Cambridge schools, pupils and teachers is here again and Angels school has the honour of being invited.  The school will like to send the following pupils for their excellent performance at the checkpoint exams to witness the award.

  1. Natanya Anila Bhakta
  2. Denise Orhin
  3. Hae Jin Kim
  4. Kofi Asante
  5. Ama Owusu-Manu
  6. Keren Hapuk Zarbo


They would be accompanied by the head of school, the Cambridge Co-ordinator and Mrs. Lynda Immanuel, the Grade 6 Science tutor under whose excellence tutelage every student who took science at the primary check point level was adjudged by Cambridge as being very good.


Recognition of teachers
To motivate our illustrious teachers not to rest on their oars, Angels School has instituted “teacher of the month” award scheme where the work of teachers are evaluated and recognition made where necessary.  To ensure the success of this scheme, parents are encouraged to send their opinions and assessment of teachers to info@angelsschool.com. Your constructive criticism and commendation will help us give the children the kind of teachers they deserve. We are pleased to announce that sponsorship packages towards this scheme are pouring in and we really appreciate parents and partners for their support.


Thank you.


Best regards,