January 2016 Newsletter

22th January, 2016

Dear Parent of an Angel,



King of kings, majesty, 
God of Heaven living in me, 
gentle Saviour, closest friend, 

strong deliverer, beginning and end, 
all within me falls at your throne. 

Your majesty, I can’t but bow,

 I lay my all before you now. 
In royal robes I don't deserve 
I live to serve your majesty. 

Earth and Heaven worship you, 

love eternal, faithful and true, 
Who bought the nations,
ransomed souls, 
brought this sinner

near to your throne; 
all within me cries out in praise.



The above extract is one wonderful worship song we sing in the school.  It expresses our feelings as a school towards God; His majesty, in relation to how He has dealt with us.  Even though we do not deserve so much, He has robed this school with such royalty.  He is simply wonderful; and we love Him.



The theme for this trimester is “Discipline, Orderliness and Cleanliness”.  This is supposed to guide our focus and modus-operandi.  It is our intention to instill these qualities in the children in diverse ways.  Parents who desire to support in a way could contact the respective heads of the department:

  • Pre-school, Mrs. Stella Appiah (0501281953)
  • Primary, Mr. Bernard Agbagba (0501281955)
  • Junior High, Mr. Elvis Agbavo (0501281957)



This is to inform parents that the school will soon begin the selection process for pupils who will sit for the 2016 Association Board of Royal School of Music Examination. Selected children will take the stage 1 exams.  It should be noted that only children who took the stage 1 exam last trimester are allowed to take the stage 2 examination. We do proudly remind parents that the results of the recent ABRSM exam were extremely good.  (kindly visit our website for the detailed results).



The term has begun on a significant note and academic work has taken off with a bang. It is refreshing to note that in the Pre-school finely tuned rota of lessons and other related
activities are already under way. It is clear that the Pre-School is a happy, functioning one, thanks to the efforts of the resourceful staff.


In the Primary department work is at top gear and the declared aim of the hard-working teachers is to refine teaching and learning to the point that leaves no room for lapses.



The Cambridge Grade 6 students are, as expected of them, working assiduously in the preparation towards the Checkpoint slated for April, 2016. In the same development, preparations for the Secondary Checkpoint are stepped up.  Students in the Secondary School department will sit for the Checkpoint in April, 2016 and that attempt will have pioneered the process that will develop our students for the fully-fledged Secondary programmes leading to the IGCSE “O” Level after Grade nine (9). 


As this is our first attempt at the Secondary Checkpoint, the school will not spare any effort in ensuring that we come up with outstanding results. (We know how to do it). Teachers and subject masters have prepared the schemes of work and we can only suggest that parents who want to assist their children or contract private teachers for that purpose, could source copies of the forecasts from the office of the Head of Academic Affairs. Parents are reminded to append their signature to all homework or project work carried out by children. This arrangement goes to confirm that parents have supervised the tasks done.



It is becoming increasingly difficult to run our type of school in this present economic condition when parents delay payment of fees.  It will interest parents to know that the school now pays over eight hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢800) a day to obtain electricity power alone.  We shall need parents to live up to their financial obligations to keep the school running.

In the light of the above, pupils/students whose parents have not satisfied the policy  of making full payment of fees will be asked to stay out of class during school sessions.



Management of the school will now serve every child with treated alkaline water.   Declared healthier than water sold all over, alkaline water will add to the health benefits.  We have decided to spend extra money to obtain and make it available to our children at no added costs.


Vats of the alkaline water have been placed at vantage points in both campuses so that the children could have easy access to the supply. It is our pleasure to “give a cup of water” to these little ones.

In view of this, we have banned the selling of sachet water in the school.



The after-school programme will begin n ext week, God willing. The starting and closing times remain unchanged (that is 2:30– 4:00p.m.) The fee for the training remains GH¢50 a month


A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our cherished parents!!!


PS:  Attached, please find the calendar of activities for the trimester.


- Management