March 2015 Newsletter

26th March, 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian,



As the term draws to a close, permit us to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the school, a thing that demonstrates the strength of the formidable partnership between parents and our school.  As always, this has been a busy term for pupils and staff in varied ways as we seek to improve the learning experience we provide.


A snapshot of our highlights this term includes:


All through the trimester, the academic tempo for the 6th Graders preparing to sit the check point examination has increased.  There have been weekly mock exams to fine tune them for the exams scheduled for the 14th, 16th and 20th of April, 2015. 


Parents are reminded that as per our calendar of activities our ‘post exams break’ is effective Friday 27th March 2015 when children are expected to have finished with the exams.  The break allows pupils to remain at home on Monday 30th March and Tuesday 31st March, 2015.  However, the Grade 6 (Cambridge class) are exempted from this break.  They will continue to report to school (in school uniform) till the 1st of April, 2015.



Students will report back on Wednesday, 1st April, 2015. Parents are expected to come to the school on the said date for the collection of their wards report.


As previously announced the sale of text books continues from the school’s book shop.  Parents are encouraged to obtain copies for their wards. It should be noted that these books are for next academic year. On behalf of the Governing body, Management and teachers, we wish you a Happy Easter as we look forward to a blissful holiday.


NB: Kindly be informed that the school reopens for normal academic work on Tuesday, 28th April, 2015.


Thank you.