September 2017 NewsLetter

22nd September, 2017


10000 Reasons – Blessed the Lord Oh My Soul
Bless the Lord oh my soul, oh my soul
Worship His Holy name
Sing like never before, oh my soul
I'll worship Your Holy name

The sun comes up. It's a new day dawning
It's time to sing Your song again
Whatever may pass
And whatever lies before me
Let me be singing
When the evening comes

You're rich in love and You're slow to anger
Your Name is great and Your heart is kind
For all Your goodness I will keep on singing
Ten thousand reasons For my heart to find

We welcome all our children and their parents to school for the commencement of the 2017/2018 academic year. It’s going to be a great trimester, one of a kind. It will mark the “Dawning of a new Day.” We are very highly excited as we continue to bless our God for this wonderful trimester. The song above, “the 10,000 Reasons” depicts our feeling about the term. We have more than 10000 reasons to bless the Lord for this particular term. It’s the beginning of the end of what has been a hectic struggle in our school.


The Trimester

This trimester will witness great many new things and radical changes. (Please find attached)


The New Principal
The school has come of age to now have a principal who is worth his salt. The Board of Directors went to a great length to make sure we got the right calibre of person for this high profile position.

Please let me introduce Mr. Simon Peter Attah-Cato:



A Ghanaian professional Educational Administrator, Teachers’ Mentor and Coach, a Certified British School Administrator with over 17 years teaching and management experience in some first class schools in Accra. He is the immediate past Principal of Royal Streams International, a pure British Curriculum School situated at Airport West, Accra. He had previously worked in Manchester Grammar School, UK, as a Class Support Teacher. He is Christian, happily married, with three children.


Academic Qualifications:

  • Master of Education in Educational Administration and Management, University of Education, Nov 2011
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) from the University of Cape Coast -June 2006
  • S.S.S.C.E Certificate (DISTINCTION) in SCIENCE, Bishop Herman College, Kpando – Nov. 1994


Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma in Montessori Education awarded by the North American Montessori Centre, USA
  • Cambridge Teacher’s Trainer Certificate (CTTC), CIE, United Kingdom- July, 2012
  • Fellow of Higher Educational Administration (FHEA), University of Wales, Nov. 2011
  • Certificate in Modern Teaching Methodologies (Active Teaching), British Council, Ghana & CIE-UK, 2010
  • Teacher’s Mentorship Certificate, University of Education, Winneba- Nov. 2010
  • Teacher’s Certificate ‘A’ (Regd No. 2413/98), St. Francis’ College of Education, Hohoe- 1998



Dear Parent,

I take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for granting me the opportunity to serve in the capacity of School Principal in the best International School in Tema. I officially started work on September 1, 2017. So far, I feel encouraged by the support and cooperation I continue to receive from the School Board of Directors, ASSISA Executives, Members of the Management Team, Teachers and all other staff of ASSI.


As Principal, I have a vision to cause a positive paradigm shift in all facets of ASSI and pursue the quest for excellent academic results as well as provide exceptional customer service to all stakeholders. I aspire to build a vibrant and competent team of professionals who will be empowered to deliver on their roles.  I hold excellence and discipline in very high esteem.  In order to achieve excellence, we need to be disciplined; hence I ask for the cooperation of all stakeholders, especially our cherished parents, to come on board so that we could implement the changes we need to help roll out the programmes that will push us to a higher pedestal.


On behalf of the Management Team, I welcome all continuing students and their loyal parents back to school.  We also welcome new Parents and our new Angels to this great family.  As a school, our primary focus is to impact very positively and holistically on the lives of all our students.  We want to see them improve their academic and social skills on the daily basis.  We shall put in place measures which will enable these angelic princes and princesses broaden their horizon.


My team will work hard to transform our students into critical thinkers, as well as confident, assertive, innovative and reflective learners, ready to make a difference wherever they find themselves after graduating from ASSI.


I am hopeful that you will continue to work with us, so your child can grow in confidence with love of learning, and a determination to be the best person they can be.


We will love to see all our pupils treating everyone with respect, being on time to school every day, wearing the prescribed uniform and working hard to improve their academic and social skills.  These are important life skills and the value we place on them will be the value our children will hold.

We also expect that boys of ASSI will attend school in decent haircut. All children will appear smartly dressed in well ironed uniform at all times.


We are very much aware of the busy schedules of our parents, but then we entreat that you make time to put a routine in place so that the children will know that they must do their homework, read a novel or their notes during the stipulated time.  At this time, turn of the television or computer to help eliminate distractions. Let us use the television or computer as an incentive for work well done and they will value it more. This will make children value it the more.


Your children, our angels, are your most important gift from God; treasure them, help them and support them.  Please start this new trimester, the Dawning of a New Day, with this commitment.

We in school will do everything we can to help your child to do their best.  We are going to train the children to show respect for every one (friends, juniors, classmates, teachers, parents, adults) and as well take good care of their personal belongings and those of ASSI.


We shall continue to remind these young ones to say please, thank you, excuse me and I am sorry.  Our pupils will be trained to learn to take turns and being patient to stay away from eavesdropping on adults’ conversations or contributing to the conversation uninvited.  We will train them to learn to wait, knock on the door before entering, to stand back for adults if there is no room to pass, and to hold the door to offer help.  We will do all we can to teach them the aforementioned life skills and good etiquettes with the hope that they will become adequately equipped and prepared to face the growing challenges of the world, overcome them and make a conspicuous difference!


Please remember that we operate an open door policy – feel free to book an appointment with your child’s class teacher or Head of Department if you have concerns or need support, help or advice.

In order to actualize the change we are yearning for, Managements has introduced a few rules and regulations for our students and parents and we shall be grateful if we are given the necessary cooperation to get them fully implemented.


For instance, in order to increase the contact hours between teachers and students, and also inject a sense of urgency in our students and staff and to improve upon the children’s grades and subject score, we are going to start locking the school gates at exactly 8:30am on each official school day.  Parents or guardians who arrive after our gates are locked will have to return their wards home.  Punctuality and discipline are great values we can’t afford to jettison if we really want to see improvements. All new policies will become operational effective week three of this trimester.


Additionally, we are requesting all parents who have their wards at the pre-school block to hand over the children to our teaching assistants who will be on duty at the main entrance to the Pre-School block.  Management will not permit parents/guardians or visitors to enter the classrooms, with the exception of Open Days or on days on which the school has invited parents for special programmes.


We will like to protect the privacy of our angels and their teachers.  However, parents or pick up persons will be allowed to receive their wards at the entrance to the classroom.


Notwithstanding our gate locking policy, we shall grant access to   students who arrive in school late as a result of ill health or review medical conditions – incase a child will be sent to the hospital for checkup or review, the parent or guardian should first place a call to the child’s class teacher or Head of Department and thereafter produce evidence of actually visiting the hospital.


As part of the requirements of operating a first class international school such as ASSI, there should be strict enforcement of Health and Safety within and around our precincts.  We are encouraging everyone to help us make our surroundings, especially the school’s car park litter-free.  We entreat Parent to help us in reminding the children to learn to wash their hands very thoroughly with soap and water after break hours, lunch breaks and after visiting the washrooms.


It will be appreciated if we get them some hand sanitizers and white handkerchiefs to be used after washing their hands.


Last but not the least, I will like to encourage all Parents/Guardian to make time to read the ASSI rules and regulations attached to this newsletter.


We promise to teach “something new” to your ward on each day he/she steps in Angels Specialist School International.


I am greatly honoured to have the opportunity to serve wonderful people like you and I pray that we will continue to work hand in hand to develop and grow the future leaders we are investing in.

May God make these dreams come true.


Thank you.


Simon Peter Kwadwo Attah-Cato



Hello family,      
I warmly welcome you all, especially our new parents and preschoolers. We are excited to be working with you and your child.


The last academic year was indeed a challenging one but we braved it thanks to your unflinching support. Going forward this trimester, I urge all of us to put behind us all that has transpired, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what lies ahead. Let’s all continue to work harder together for that is the only way success can be attained.


As we get ourselves into the pre-Christmas mood, I wish you all the peace of the heart and goodwill in all you do. Stay blessed.

Stellastina Appiah (Mrs.)

(Pre-School Head)



The school year at the Secondary Department of ASSI has just begun and I take this opportunity to welcome you all.


This year, I have no doubt our students will sit up and engage in serious academic work. They will be expected to make the most of the canvas of opportunity they are offered so that they could paint the goals they aspire to attain.


I am quite certain that if they remain motivated and focused in the classroom, they will achieve these goals.


The teacher/tutors at ASSI will go the extra mile to help the students achieve academic and life – long learning goals in a conducive and disciplined atmosphere.


It is an appeal that I make to our young angels today: HELP YOURSELVES! Make the most of the fantastic educational opportunities available in the context of “IT’S A DAWNING OF A NEW DAY”. Let us continue to work together to help one another and be the best for our world.

Albert Annobil

(Head of Cambridge Secondary)



We are delighted to see all our Angels and hardworking staff back to school for the first Trimester of the 2017/2018 academic year. 


Our greatest gratitude goes to God Almighty for seeing us through a the  summer holiday.  We also thank our dear parents for their support, commitment and effort to make life meaningful for us.


With our team of passionate, caring and dedicated teachers ever ready to hit the ground running, we can assure you all of that outstanding performance Angels Specialist School International is known for all these years.


We thank you all for enrolling your children in ASSI Junior High School.

Elvis Agbavo

(Vice Principal/Head of JHS Dept.)



On behalf of Management, I welcome every one of you to the dawning of a new day, the beginning of our climb back to the top.


The school has a mission; is to give that excellent education that will affect the character, thinking and behavior of the child, as well as offer him requisite skills all within a Christian environment.  Our commitment to seeing this mission become a reality is paramount.  We acknowledge a few hiccups but our resolve remains absolute.  We are confident that the golden days of Angels School are within an arm’s reach.


As we set out on the commencement of a new academic year. Let me say “Akwaaba” to all on board.  This flight is bound for greatness and we respect your involvement with the honour it deserves.


Parents, we are well aware that you have options  to decide where to enrol your child.  We are pleased that you continue to make Angels School your premier place of choice for the education of your children. The confidence reposed on us is in itself a source of motivation. 


Teachers; Ours is the best profession in the world.  Thank you for teaching with grace, humour and enthusiasm.  You make all the difference.


On behalf of management, we appreciate also the janitorial, canteen, health and security teams.  Angels School will not be the same without your contribution.


Together, we have chalked many victories; however we are aware that our victory in the past and present; is not guarantee of our victory tomorrow.  We are resolved to neither rest on our laurels nor deviate from the standards that made us relevant.  The appointment of the new principal reiterates our desire for the pursuance of our mandate.  To all learners in the department, I say ayekoo.


Students; To have been promoted to a new class is good achievement. There is more to achieve though.


Greater academic challenges lie ahead but trust your teachers to make the experience a memorable one. You need to be determined, devoted and disciplined.  Equipped with these tools I have no doubt that you will add to the enviable record of the department at the checkpoint Exams.


Enjoy your stay in the Primary Department of the school.


Thank you.

Bernard Agbagba

(Head Of Primary Dept.)


The Dawning of a new day – Discipline, Order and Cleanliness

The dawning of a new day means Discipline, Order, and Cleanliness for the entire Angels School Community, management, teachers, students and parents. By this we intend to work to have a controlled set of behaviour and enforced compliance to school rules, regulations and policies as well as create a state of orderliness in the school. This is not exclusive to students and teachers, but is intended for the entire Angels School Community or stakeholders.


Management and Administration have been psyched up and do understand what is required of them as professionals. They can in turn instruct teachers who will teach their students the import of Discipline, Order and Cleanliness. This cycle will not be completed if we leave parents out. For this reason parents will be issued  with copies of the school’s “Rules and Regulations for the 2017/2018 academic year” in the coming days. These rules and regulations border on school fees payment policy, reporting time, homework etc. Management of the school met with Executives of ASSISA (Angels Specialist School International Stakeholders Association) and accept to live up to our various challenges and responsibilities


We would like to reiterate this challenge to our parents: we promise to be dutiful and professional and that parents should equally accept theirs by complying with the directives enshrined in the School Rules and Regulations document.


Management will continue to be open to constructive criticism. We will constantly remind ourselves not to lose focus. In the same way parents can be sure that management will continuously  remind them of their obligations. This is the only way we can create the type of discipline required in the theme – Discipline, Order & Cleanliness.


Skewed WhatsApp platform

Some of the biggest challenges we face as Angels School Management Board include parents’ inability to address issues through the appropriate channel. It is worrisome when parents who are not satisfied and have issues to address can’t do so at the appropriate forum.


It is also disturbing and of great concern to any establishment, company, institution when its clients/customers or stakeholders are unhappy and have issues but can’t get them addressed. It is even more worrying and damaging to such companies when the client throws accusations, criticisms, allegations openly and without restraint. It is more of a miracle when companies in such dilemma survive beyond a year. This has been the case confronting our dear school, Angels School.

The difference with this peculiar challenge is that whilst in other schools issues are addressed at PTA forums or officially in the school office, issues concerning us  get into certain public domain we have little or no control over. One typical example is the WhatsApp platform created for a section of parents. It is skewed and panders to the whims of the administrators of the platform who have taken it upon themselves not to  register any stakeholder who is not a parent.


In a nutshell the platform is no different from a boxing ring, a venue of confrontation and has become a threat to the very existence of our noble SCHOOL: IT must Be closed down, WITH immediate EFFECT.


These are some of the reasons why we see it as a threat to the school;

  • It has become a “free-for-all” place of confrontation even among parents.
  • Parents who left for other schools are still on it and continue to contribute (adversely, though).
  • People flagrantly advertise other schools on this platform
  • The language on the platform leaves much to be desired.
  • There have been threats by parents on the platform indicating their intentions to come over to the school and beat or attack a teacher.
  • There have been damaging allegations such as a teacher slapping a child, a child discovering a life snail in the food served at the school canteen etc.
  • We have evidence of parents who have left the school as a result of those scurrilous posts put up on the said platform


By all records Angels school is one of the best in Tema. A look at Angels School through the eyes of the platform, gives the impression  of a horrible school. Allegations investigated by management in collaboration with parents have turned out to be inaccurate. On the reverse parents who have taken the pains to come to the school to verify things for themselves have gone back quite satisfied.


There have been many calls from other high profile quarters such as the school Board of Directors and ASSISA Executives to establish or create an official platform that will be administered by the school. Among them is the recent call from the Chairman of the Board of Director (Mr. Edusei Derkyi) in his speech at the recently held graduation ceremony. We quote him below:


“I am informed, rather sadly, that we lost a couple of parents with their kids owing to some strong comments expressed on the platform regarding issues of which some were untrue.

It is to be expected that the school will introduce a new communication platform to replace the current one.”

The management is requesting the administrators of that questionable platform to close it down.


School Official Platforms

There is a new platform being created by the school for every stakeholder in the school. Data for these platforms are ready and waiting for official notice to parents.

Management would quickly add that this platform will not replace the regular system of addressing issues from the office or at parents meetings and conferences. It’s the “Dawning of a new day”


Parents meeting at the car park

Some parents have cause to complain that other parents who gather at the school car park on a regular basis do impede traffic flow due to the fact that the park is already not big enough for the many cars that use it.


Management views this regular meeting in another light. Considering how the whole issue began chiefly out of the agitations, teachers and other parents who look on from their respective places feel uneasy about these impromptu rendezvous. To maintain order at the car park and create the atmosphere of serenity in the neighbourhood we urge parents to discontinue these makeshift meetings. Our children watch the goings-on. We have charged the security to gently and respectfully remind, prompt or disperse any such parents who may continue to hijack the venue for their chit-chat.



We do apologise to parents for the near chaotic manner in which the supply of books was handled. It has been as a result of unspoken difficulties. But let us assure parents that this will NEVER happen again. You may probably say you’ve heard this over and over. But we re-assure you that you are hearing this apology for the last time.


School Fees

The school looks to enforce the school fees policy of 100% payment for parents with one child each and 75% payment for those with more than one child. Parents should kindly take note and adhere to this arrangement before the end of this month (the 30th of September, 2017). Parents who wish to make special payment arrangement should do so before the said date.


No increment of school fees throughout this academic year

A directive from the Board of Directors of the School stipulates that there will be no increase in  school fees throughout the academic year. We trust parents will appreciate this gesture and at least pay their fees on time.


Our Promise

As management we promise parents that we will work hard to pursue the mission of the school. We shall be mindful of its motto and will live by its GREAT NAME. By so doing we hope to achieve the school’s Vision that says “We aim to continually and diligently build the World’s Greatest School in the minds, hearts and lives of all those we know and will ever know it”.

We could realise this for our children if parents are deeply involved. The good posture of ASSISA Executives and the reassuring words of its chairman, Mr. Ernest Okoampah, tell us that this is possible in the “Dawning of a new Day”


We wish all and sundry, a happy 17th Anniversary.


May God bless Angels School


Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Joel Duncan Idun
Chief Executive Officer/Proprietor


For: Management