September 2016 Newsletter

28th September, 2016


To build a world-class school facility and provide man-power to support multiple curricula (local and international) in a very unique and excellent Christian environment, conducive for effective teaching and learning; best of its kind in Ghana by 2021, the best in Africa by 2028 and in the world by 2036.


“To give (1) that excellent education which will (2) affect the character, (3) thinking and (4) behaviour of the child (5) as well as offer him the requisite skill all (6) within a Christian environment.


“Each child at a time” this means no lumping together and no stereotyping. Each child is considered unique and is treated the way a doctor would treat a patient in a ward.


We wish to welcome our parents and children back to school.  We also wish to welcome all new students to our school.  And ask them to feel at home.




We have had a good number of fresh students numbering about eighty (80) and still counting.  These are from various school in the city and from around the country.  We have had a number of them coming in from foreign countries.



The school has started its upper secondary this term.  It is with much hope and anticipation that the students will make the mark on the international scene by dint of their results when the time comes for them to take tests in their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). 


We have engaged highly qualified faculty members to teach various subjects; including Mathematics, English, the Sciences; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies etc. etc.  We are confident history will repeat itself as we take our maiden IGCSE with determination and dedication, with the Lord’s help.  He did it with the same number of BECE students who took the city by storm when they topped all the schools within the city in their maiden Basic Education Certificate Examination.  We are guaranteed to ensure good results while operating under a highly competitive fee pricing.



For our participation in the June 2016 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), the results trickling in from the individual candidates the school presented suggest that we have recorded a performance of 67% distinction and 23% pass with the lowest aggregate not exceeding 18.  However, we are awaiting the official results from Ghana Education Service (GES) to confirm this outcome.





With the establishment of the secondary school there was a need to start a boarding programme, primarily for its students.  The boarding facility is a two-block storeyed building with a dividing wall and a well-tiled compound, as well as security rooms.

There are about nine (9) Self-contained suites and single rooms neatly tiled and spotting Plastic of Paris (POP) linings.  There are 9 happy pupils and students.  There is a senior house mistress in the person of Miss Ethel Amedzi and a house master, Mr. Samuel Donkor. 


These teachers are highly qualified to help pupils and students with assignment and studies during prep.  There are three other supporting staff members living with the boarders.  There is also a shuttle air-conditioner bus that conveys the students to and from the school daily and on time.  The bus is parked at the school after alighting them and waits till they close.  We wish to state that this is not just another boarding house. 


We intend to give the boarders the opportunity to follow rules, time lines, discipline; (time to sleep, wake up, study, bath, prep, eat, etc.) The Christian values of the school are extended to the boarding house through the Christian teachers we have at the house.


We wish to mention that the facility belongs to a parent.  The Lord, through her, gave us that nice edifice under very competitive terms and conditions at such a time we could not have afforded it.  This is the same parent through whom the school had our present property (The Land) at Community 12.  We believe the day we admitted her child some seven years ago our destiny crossed paths in such a positive way.  THANK YOU!


Interested parents who wish to enrol their children in the boarding house could contact the senior house mistress on 0243662666 or Helena, the secretary in charge of the Boarding programme on 0243652305.



Parents would obviously notice with delight that school fees for the second time in the history of the school were not increased.  Although economic conditions are unbearable and the cost of educating a child in Angels School is greater than it is in many schools in the city, the gesture was as a result of the amount involved in the purchasing books.  We wish; to however, do an upward adjustment come next trimester (Second Term) when pressure on parents is expected to have reduced as they would not need to purchase books for their wards.


The accounts office will embark on school fees collection exercise soon.  This serves as a notice to defaulting parents. Parents are reminded that there is an option for them to discuss with the accounts department if they have any financial difficulties.




We have started giving the school a facelift and upgrading its facilities as was promised last trimester. The gates have been secured, walls have been nicely plastered.  We have created safety walk – way for the children and teachers to keep students and staff out of harm’s way, especially with vehicles. The additional facilities such as, a second library, a second  ICT laboratory, a bookshop and store, air-conditioned secondary classrooms, science and art laboratories have been added to the existing ones.  Most of these are ready and are in use by our students.  Parents who visit the school will notice that work is ongoing to have the rest completed in a matter of days.  The Lord be praised!



Our school can boast of very highly placed and responsible parents. Many of them are willing to use their influence and expertise to support the school if and when we ask.  We admit that we have not made use of this opportunity and wish to mention that we would involve as many parents that are able and available to help in any way to see our beloved school move to its expected level.




It would be noticed that for three continuous trimesters, we have maintained one theme and that is “Discipline, Order and cleanliness”.  And the reason for this is that we are determined to maintain this theme until we are practicing and living it as a school.  And for this reason, management has instituted a strong eight-member team made up of some members from management, teaching staff and parents, including:

Mr. Michael Kwakye                -          (Management member)       -           Member
Mrs. Stellastina Appiah           -           (Management member)       -           Member
Mr. Elvis Agbavo                    -           (Management member)       -           Member
Mr. Bernard Agbagba             -           (Management member)       -           Member
Mr. John Collins Kusorgbor      -           (Management member)       -           Member
Mrs. Ama Quainoo                  -           (Teacher)                          -           Secretary
Mrs. Linda Immanuel               -           (Teacher)                         -           Member
Mr. Albert Quarcoopme           -           (Parent)                            -           Member
Bro.  Amos Kelvin Annan         -           (Parent)                            -            Counsellor-Advisor  


This theme is mandated to deal with all issues bordering on discipline.  We have also written a

detailed disciplinary code of reference that would be made available to the pupils, students, faculty member and parents. We are of the belief that when discipline is well taken of, order and cleanliness will automatically fall in place.



  1. Two parents have been involved and have shown concern for the bare state of our compound.  They have gone ahead to provide trees for planting.  They are willing to advice the school on how to maintain a green compound – WE ARE GRATEFUL.

  2. A parent provided the large canopy at the nursery department for us and has promised to help the school equip the play yard with play equipment.  This same parent has provided audio visual equipment (flat screen television, Projector screen and gadget and a DVD player) for one of the Reception classes.  Now nearly all the Pre-School classrooms (with the exception of one) have audio visual facility (flat screen TVs) – THANK YOU.

  3. A couple have promised to help build a swimming pool for the school.  What they are waiting for is for the school to prepare the surrounding grounds (clear the area, etc.) then work will start. – WE ARE THANKFUL.


We appreciate all our parents especially those who have continuously insisted for only the best for our angels.  Together we shall realise the vision.


If parents are noticing new changes, it is all happening because of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS God is using to push management.  Their regular monitoring of our finances, academics and programmes and demand for a clear vision and mission of the school, gives management a sense of urgency and duty.  THE SCHOOL HAS JUST BEGUN!




The music programme (piano lesson) has started.  The rest of flute lesson will start early next month.  Parents whose children are enrolled on this programme will attest to its effectiveness. At this stage the school will engage the services of a second teacher as the children are advancing. For this and any other reason, there is a need to increase the fees to ninety Cedis (GH¢90) per month.  Kindly note that this is not school fees – this is an after school music classes fees


Every child on the programme can display the effect of the consistency and seriousness of the programme.  It makes us proud.  As children advance in learning, attention to meet expectation also increase and as such we need to add an extra teacher.


For this reason we need to increase the fees by forty cedis (GHC40.00).


Thank you.