October 2015 Newsletter

28th October, 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian,



We formally announce that, the mid-trimester break begins at 14:00hours on Thursday, October 29, 2015 and ends on Monday, November 2, 2015.  School will resume on Tuesday, November 3, 2015.


Release of Mid-Trimester Examination Report
The mid-trimester examination papers and reports for the primary and pre-school departments will be released on October 29, 2015.  We appeal to parents to personally collect the examination papers and reports from the class teachers.


We thank parents for showing commitment and active partnership by paying their ward(s’) fees on time.  However, parents who still owe are reminded to settle their indebtedness ON or BEFORE the resumption of mid-trimester break. 





School Uniform & Dress Code Information
The School Board has a mandatory dress code for all basic and Junior high school students. This is to put the focus on academics, not fashion.  The uniforms project a neat and serious image of the student and that creates a sense of school pride and belonging. In view of that, we urge parents to note the following:

  • That the approved length of the school uniform is below the knee. In the case of the boys at the Junior High they are expected to wear FULL-LENGTH trousers - not hanging type.

  • That the approved socks are pure white with no stripes or design except the school’s branded socks.

  • That the approved shoes colour is black with no design except on Wednesdays when students are allowed to wear sneakers for physical education.

  • Boys should always tuck their shirts in the shorts/trousers while in school.


Please note that the Pre-school children are exempted from wearing particular shoes.  They are not restricted to wearing black shoes.


Ban on Cell Phone, Tablet Computers

Students are not permitted to possess a cell phone, tablet computers or any form of electrical gadget for any reason on school grounds. Any student caught violating this policy will have their item confiscated permanently. Much as the school wants the children to be abreast of technology, it can no longer condone the rate at which some of the students are getting their morals pricked with the kind of exposure these gadgets offer them.


Transit Bus
The school wishes to inform parents that upon resumption from the mid-term break, an air-conditioned bus will be made available at the Community 8 premises for a fee to shuttle interested students from the premises to Community 12 and vice versa .



Integrated ICT Programme

As Indicated in our recent newsletter, we have created the online accounts for pupils in the
Primary department. This will afford each pupil access to the e-learning software online and enhance study at home.


To access the programme, visit the school’s website (www.angelsschool.com) click on “virtual school”, then click on “online courses”. Enter your username and password to login. Usernames and passwords will be made available to the students.


Parents are kindly requested to personally pick their children’s username and password for the Integrated ICT programme when school resumes from Mid-Term Break.


Extra-Curricular Activities

We would like to remind parents concerned that the after-school programme has begun. Parents should note that interested children are not only taught to play these instruments, but also made to read the music sheet. Starting and closing times remain unchanged (that is 2:30– 4:00p.m.)


Evening School
The school is organizing an evening school for interested adults who wish to enter

  • Nursing college
  • University
  • Law school
  • Business school etc.

With the facilities the school has now, we can afford to share them with the community. We wish all our parents and students a happy and restful Mid-trimester break.


Thank you.   


- Management