December Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,



In view of recent development of non-full payment of fees by a considerable number of parents/guardians, the Management of the school has decided that with effect from the 8th of January, 2013, Parents/Guardians who have one or two wards in the school will have to MAKE FULL PAYMENT of their wards’ fees without having the option of paying by installment as has always been the case. 


Parents/guardians with more than two wards in the school will however have the option of paying 2/3rds (75%) of their total bill by the day of re-opening and then pay the remainder by resumption of school after mid-term break.


This arrangement supersedes all previous arrangements and remains in force until a contrary notice is issued by the management of the school.



As per the outcome of the recently held Parent and Teacher Conference and from next trimester, the primary section of the school will close at 2:00p.m daily. The arrangement is to make room for co-curricular activities as discussed at the Parent and Teacher Conference.  The said activities include:

  • Music: (Violin, Piano, Guitar, Trumpet lessons etc.)
  • Club meetings: (Reading, Girls Guide, Drama etc.)

Details of the programme will be communicated to parents when school resumes from the Christmas break.



The school will like to express its profound gratitude to DR. DEREK LARBI, for taking time off his busy schedule to grace the occasion and eloquently deliver a motivational talk on “Training and Discipline of Our Children”.


PS:  Parents will be notified as to when to access their children’s Virtual School online programme.  Parents may visit the school’s website and read a comprehensive report on the Parent and Teacher Conference.


We wish all our parents a very Merry Christmas.

Thank you.