January Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian


We warmly welcome your wards back to school for the second trimester academic work.

It is impossible not to notice that this term has got off to a flying start in academic work. Our proactive Academic Board has put in place measures to improve the delivery of quality education.  This is to ensure that pupils achieve well as a result of concerted teaching and learning in the right atmosphere.


Virtual school

The virtual school concept has gained grounds and we are glad to disclose that 84% of children have, at the beginning of the term, submitted their responses to be vetted.  This, to us, is a source of encouragement especially, when we observe that parents have been making quality time to get involved and assist their wards perform the tasks assigned via the internet.


We desire to improve the services and upgrade the virtual school concept.  We solicit suggestions from parents in the area of improving this worthy cause.  If we have an eye to better the virtual school delivery we should do so as a team – the school, the parents and well-wishers alike. We are looking to improve to the point where students will respond or send their feedback online.


Virtual school team

We have initiated the setting up of a team of dedicated staff who will, henceforth, oversee the activities of the virtual school.  Their terms of reference include: collating and uploading various tasks on our website, monitoring the virtual school activities, assisting parents who encounter problems accessing virtual school projects, updating the stakeholders on the progress of the virtual school and ensuring children derive its full benefit. Below are the names and contact numbers of the Virtual School Team.





Robert Ahiabenu

Team Leader


Anita Atitsogbui



Bernard Agbagba



Ethel Amedzi



Justice Ben-Acquah



Alfred Sanniez



Mr. Eddie Lamptey

Parent , Member


Joel Duncan Idun

Co-ordinator, Mem.



Parents are encouraged to direct their suggestions, enquiries or concerns to the Virtual School Team for prompt action or response.


Cambridge International Programme

As carried in our last notice, we have introduced the Cambridge Programme in all grades in the Primary Department.  The introduction is being carried out in a gradual process.  Teachers in the lower primary are taken through a crash programme to apprise them of the Cambridge approach. 

Emphasis will continue to be laid on the existing local programme and the time-table is structured to make the first two periods available for the Cambridge subjects each morning.  Assessment, in the wake of the Cambridge programme, will now be in two parts: Paper 1 for Cambridge Programme in Maths, English or Science and Paper 2 for the existing local programme.  It is worth noting that schools such as Galaxy, Faith Montessori etc. which run the Cambridge Programme alongside local ones have conveniently adapted to the above structure.


In the Upper Primary where subject teaching is practised, the Cambridge Programme will be administered to students in designated classrooms.  This is to say, a classroom is designated to a subject, say Mathematics.  The time-table is structured to make room for students in a particular stream (A, B, C) to take Maths, English or Science lessons in turns in the classroom designated.

In the Junior High, the Cambridge Programme, open to Grades 7 and 8 is being introduced. Parents were issued questionnaires to indicate their wards partaking in the said programme.


We have taken note of the respondents’ choices and have been holding personal discussions with parents who seek further clarification on their wards’ chances for the ages 11-14 “checkpoint tests” at the end of the course.


We believe that children will only be able to achieve their full potential when home and school work well together.  We can establish a positive partnership that will benefit your child. We are always happy to discuss your child’s progress with you.


We know that our parents have a variety of talents that can really bring the curriculum alive for the children.  If there’s anything you think we should put right, let us know. If there is anything good we did, let someone else know about that.


There will be a regular update of the Cambridge Programme on our website for parents who wish to respond to matters bothering on the Cambridge Programme and any other related issues.


Disciplinary matters

To ensure the utmost order and discipline, the management wishes to revisit the disciplinary plan. This plan consists of several measurements; if a pupil breaks the rules of the school (say, no homework, foul language, and physical violence) kindly visit our website where the details of this plan can be read.


In order to achieve an efficient cooperation between the school and the parent, one of the rules says when parents fail to respond to call/invitation, the school shall make the ward stay away from school until parents comply.


- Management