April 2013 Newsletter

30th April, 2013


Dear Parent,


The New Vision – Inspired by Cambridge
“To offer the kind of education that affects the character, behaviour and thinking of the whole child and to give him/her skill for life and hope for eternity”.


We wish to welcome our cherished parents and children back to the third trimester of the 2012/2013 academic year.  It promises to be yet another academically rigorous term.



Mr. Michael Mensah



Curriculum Conferences for Parents (CCP)
We intend to strengthen our partnership with parents to the benefit of children’s performance and welfare.  To this end, a series of curriculum (awareness) conferences for parents have been scheduled for the discussion of matters pertaining to the learning and welfare of our children.

The schedule for the curriculum meetings are as follows:








Pre-School learners






Key stage 1 (gr. 1 & 2)




Key stage 2 (gr. 3 to 6)



Schemes of work (SOW)
As from next week, the school will post online the scheme of work for the term.  Parents should kindly visit the website for their wards’ scheme of work.  The SOW stipulates various topics and learning objectives children will cover during the term.  This information will assist parents to keep abreast of the classroom activities children are engaged in. 


Parent and Teacher Conference &
Open-House Exercise
We write to express our appreciation and gratitude for the massive attendance on the part of parents at the PTC and the Open-House exercise.  We have taken note of your comments, constructive criticisms, useful suggestions and ideas, and we shall make amends where necessary.


2013/2014 Admission!
The 2013/2014 admission process is on-going.  The closing date for the sale of forms is June 22, 2013.  For further enquiries kindly call 0302-985-444/0303-310-141. We thank you for the interest and the effort towards the development of our noble school.


Financial Matters

Ms Esther Addey



As per the policy of the school, parents/guardians with ONE or TWO wards in the school are expected to MAKE FULL PAYMENT (100%) of their wards’ fees by the re-opening of school. However, parents/guardians who have three or more wards in the school still have the option of paying 2/3rds (75%) of their total fees and the rest before the resumption of mid-trimester break.

Wards whose parents fail to abide by the fees policy will be asked to stay out of class as from Thursday, 2nd May, 2013.



Mr. Frank Somtim-Bour


This term has got off to a flying start.  It is exciting to note that pupils, students,
staff and parents are showing the exuberance and confidence.  As a forward thinking school, always responding and developing to offer excellence in education, we can only expect that coursework will continue unabated and that co-curricular activities will take centre stage throughout the term.


8th Batch of Students for 2013 BECE
From 17th to 24th June, 2013, the eighth batch of the Angels Junior High School students will be sitting for the 2013 BECE. Management urges all parents and guardians to support them with prayers. We wish all our students success in the upcoming BECE. May the good Lord be with them throughout the period. 


Co-Curricular Activities

Mr. Joel Duncan Idun


Once you see a child’s self-image begin to improve, you will see significant gains in achievement areas, but even more important, you will see a child who is beginning to enjoy life more.
– Wayne Dyer


We are proud to be running these extra curricular programmes in violin, guitar, piano, drum, trumpet, flute and chess.  The children are very enthusiastic with this programme.  Already, they are showing signs of progress in the various lessons, as parents would testify.


Parents’ support for the programme has been far more impressive beyond what we expected (parents who have not enrolled their children in this programme are reminded to do so for the good of their children).  One programme that has had the least patronage is the chess lesson.  Yet it is one game that enhances focus, wit, critical and strategic thinking.


Parents may look up for the full information and update on the various lessons, coaches, their contact numbers, time table, photos etc. on the school’s website. It is worth noting that the after-school programme starts at 2:30p.m. and closes at 4:00p.m. As such parents should do well not to pick their children before the closing time. Coaches get worried. 


Fees for each course still remain unchanged and the mode of payment is the same. (That is; payment of fees is made in the first week of the month – children who do not pay are not allowed access to lessons). - Lessons start on the 2nd of May, 2013.


Business Director

Mr Michael Amankwah-Kwakye


Instituting advisory board
To further strengthen school – parent partnership, the school wishes to establish the advisory board that will advise management and the school on issues that hinge on Finance, Education, Health, Human Resource and Business Management. Parents will notice that this has been on the drawing board for quite some time.  We believe that the time has come to implement it without delay, as the call for a closer collaboration between the school and the home partnership increases. For details of these, concerned parents should refer to our September 2012 newsletter on our website.


When this notice was first published in our newsletter a year ago, we requested parents to volunteer but unfortunately none did.  In view of this, the school wishes to directly invite individual parents we believe may be able to sacrifice some time to be on the board. 


Heademistress -- Pre-School
Madam Claudia Tsakpornu

Canteen services
We appreciate the value of every parent’s suggestions to better our services.  In view of this, we are committed to improving the quality of food served as well as adding more variety to our menu.

In order to fulfill this promise together with the increasing prices on the market, we are obliged to increase our prices by 50 pesewas.
Coupons will now sell at:
 GH¢2.50 for the lower primary
GH¢3.00 for upper primary
GH¢3.00 for Junior High.


Angels School now has a Crèche 
Angels Specialist School has established a crèche – a nursery for babies and infants, come Monday, 6th May, 2013.  We are excited with this development.  The credit goes to parent mothers (career workers) who have repeatedly demanded that the school starts a crèche.


Currently, we shall maintain only fifteen (15) infants in a class strictly for Angels School mothers.  Parents can enroll now.  Kindly note that the demand is high and the space is limited.

Interested parents may pass by the pre-school and have a look around. Only the best is good enough for Angels.  For further enquiries, please contact the head-mistress of the pre-school department.


Health Care
Magdalene Coffie

The health department of the school has forged an alliance with the Stelin Dental Practice to visit the school for dental examination every first Tuesday of the month.  Kindly find attached a letter from the Stelin Dental Practice for further details.


Raising children who value and take responsibility for their health helps them develop into healthy and productive individual members of the society.  As parents, it is our responsibility to instill in our children the importance of taking care of their bodies.


Parents should teach their children the importance of caring for their health. If your children are taught hygiene while they are still young, they will cling to it for the rest of their lives.  This will help them live a longer and healthier life.

Thank you.


  • Management