The After-School Programme

We have particularly cut down the regular school hours to make room for those children whose future and destiny depend on not only the mental but also the artistic aptitude in music, art and creativity.Such children have the right to unearth and sharpen their talents and should not be continued to sacrificing them on the altar of reading and writing only.And it’s our duty as a school to give them the exposure. Any concerned parent cannot but support this course.



The following are the various aspects or areas of training:

Violin , Drums, Viola , Trumpet, Cello, Trombone, Guitar, Flute, Piano, Voice  Training, Chess and Reading Club



We would like the children in the programme to sit the examination for the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) – London, eventually. The following are the structures and levels we have put in place, internally.


Skills levels
Beginners         –     Stage 1 and 2
Intermediate    –     1, 2 and 3
Advanced         –    1 and 2


The instructors will determine, in the course of time, which level your child could be placed.


Time, Days and Timetable
The after-school programme is so well designed that children will be grouped according to their ages and skills or ability to perform.


Time 2:30 – 4:00
Days: Monday to Friday. However each student will do three days of lessons in a week.


We intend to draw a new time table as soon as practicable and will send copies to parents concerned but in the meantime parents should stick to the existing one.



Fees for each course is GH¢ 30.00 (thirty Ghana cedis) per child as has always been. Children from other schools will pay GH¢50 each considering that this is also opened to external learners.


The school has signed up more than seven very competent music instructors among whom are a former Winneba Youth Choir tenor Soloist, also regarded as Ghana’s finest vocalist, masters with degrees in music and experienced tutors in various fields of music.

The programme starts today, Tuesday 15th January. Being that it’s the middle of the month, parents could pay 50% (i.e. GH¢15.00) for January, 2013.


Club Meeting
The following clubs have also started in earnest

  • Chess Club
  • Art & Creativity Club
  • Reading Club


Parents who want their children to join these clubs can sign them on at a fee of GH¢20.00. These children will not be part of the music programme except when the time-table allows it.



Schedule for clubs

  • Art and Chess Clubs – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Reading Club – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays


There are lots of interesting activities that will whip up the children’s interest in reading.The level of a child’s thinking and imagination is dependent on the amount and type of exposure he/she is given. It is a competitive world. Let us give our children extra skills.