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Klenam, a 3-year old boy was running around naked right after he had had his bath. Out of concern, his sister ordered “Stop running around naked” Klenam stopped, stood still for a while then asked, “How can I be naked? But I didn’t eat the fruit!”


Aseyie, 4 years of age, walked in and overhead her parents talking. To keep her from finding out that she was the subject of their discussion, her parents switched to Ga ( a local dialect). She got curious because she did not understand what they were saying, “Stop speaking the tower of Babel!” she protested.


Young Albert Quarcoopome attended a party with his parents.
At the party, they met Bro. Joel, the coordinator. While his parents were
talking with Bro Joel, Young Albert kept starring at him, then he said
“I have some of you in my school.”


Angel, a 5 year old kindergartener calls her mom and asks;
“Mom, do you know why I like boys?”
Mom though shocked, keeps her cool and responds;
“No Angel, I don’t. Why do you like boys?”
Angel answers with a smile
“Because Jesus was a boy.”

The coordinator Mr Idun, picks up one of his many favourite little boys,
cuddles and hugs and eventually puts him down.
He looks straight into his eyes and tells him :
“Papa I love you so much, I will eat you up”
Papa Kojo, that little kindergarten boy replies spontaneously
with his natural gruff voice
“If you eat me you will die and go to hell.”

Ashiraf’s mom, a visibly worried parent, complained to Ms. Angie,
the Administrative Head, about the playful attitude of her son.
Ms. Angie in attempt to verify the complaint asked Ashie,
“Your mom says you play a lot at home. Is that true?”
Ashiraf in a measured tone asked her, “Please what kind of
play was my mom talking about?”