Quote of the Week
"It is better to learn late than never"
˜ Publilius Syrus

How often do we appear to give up on ourselves or feel despondent because we did not take a particular course, complete a programme, obtain a master’s degree or a doctorate?

Unfortunately, such situations throw us in a state of dismay. But they need not do so. Being late with achieving something is not bad.

However, we are often seen to be too hard on our children when they do not excel in their first attempt at an exam or any other academic pursuit. It is never too late if they are encouraged or urged to still push a little further or keep trying. It does not hurt to try, so the sage puts it.

We have no moral right or justification as parents or educators to make children who might not be getting it right for the first time or any other time feel they are dummies. Children are not best pleased when we perceive them as non-achievers.

The good news is that, it is better to get it later than to be discouraged from trying again. In education, it’s never too late to try again. And that stands out as clear as a gong on a moonless night!

We should always tell our children they can – they can be the best they want to be. Every child in Angels yearns to hear on regular bases from us as parents and teachers who believe and uphold the wisdom that “It’s better to learn late than never.”

God bless us.

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