Newsletter - January 2019

17th January, 2019

Dear Parent,

The Lord bless thee and keep thee. The Lord make His face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace. And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel and I will bless them.


We would like to wish all parents a happy New Year and Gods’ blessings as captured in the scripture excerpt above. The Lord bless you all.


“OUR CHANGE FOR A CHANGE” We do welcome our parents to an exciting trimester of change. Management expects a change in our output; a change  that will reflect in and around the school. The change we expect to see in the school will be deliberate and should start with management. We should be the change we wish to see in the school. Hence “Our Change as management should see a change in the entire school”.

As part of this change, management will seek to engage parents more than ever during the trimester. We look to involve parents in many of the school activities. Believing that we will achieve more for the children, we trust that the need to work closely together is now.

We hope parents will make themselves available when they are called upon to give a talk,
engage in an activity or be part of a school wide programme.


The school wishes to involve parents, students, teachers and all stakeholders in regular conferences or talks on various educational quotes to inspire ourselves and students as well as aim to reach our highest potential. This novelty is an initiative to involve parents more in the school activities all in the spirit of “Our Change for a Change”.


We wish to remind parents that we have maintained a decent and invigorating boarding programme throughout the term.  This has seen the number of intake rise this trimester. The school is doing everything in its capacity to give parents the optimum boarding facility possible. We urge interested parents to take advantage of this opportunity and enroll their children at the facility. You may contact the House Mistress, Ms Ethel Amedzi on 0243662666 for further enquires.


Parents will recall that in our December 12, 2018 newsletter, we stated that parents with one child in the school will be required to pay 100% of the term fees on or before re-opening. Parents with two or more children here are to pay 75% of the fees on or before re-opening. The adherence to this policy will be strictly enforced this trimester. In view of that, pupils who fall foul of this policy will be made to stay out of class. The school will follow this directive to the letter. Also, parents who have any outstanding debt to settle are advised to do so by Monday, 21st January, 2019 or kindly let the children stay home till the arrears are settled in full. We need Parents to live up to their financial obligations to keep the school in active business.


We returned to school this term with promise and high expectations.  The break for Christmas and New Year did us all a lot of good as we look refreshed and primed to tackle academic work with zest. The theme for the term, “Our change for a change”, is revealing and aptly relevant. Ahead of us are a number of external examinations we are poised to partake in.  As from April 2019 our candidates in the Cambridge department will sit for the Primary and Secondary checkpoint tests respectively.  From April 2019, our Year 10 and 11 students will take the IGCSE conducted worldwide.  By the early part of June 2019, we shall have wrapped up all preparations for candidates who will sit the 2019 BECE.  In the same vein preparations will have begun for the ABRSM practicals to be taken in May-June 2019 (first session) and October 2019 (second session). It goes without saying that this term will understandably be a hectic one, considering the volume of academic work we shall have to wade through.  In the local jargon, we say the entire school is “on fire” considering the quantum of academic work across the spectrum.

May we take this opportunity to remind parents that all homework done by the children should be counter-signed at all times. This is taken as proof of supervision by the parent concerned.

Thank you.





Why Choose Us

  • We have a rich school culture with our pupils and students coming from over 20 nationalities including the UK, USA, Nigeria, Canada, China, India and other African Countries.
  • Outstanding curricula pursued in strict accordance with :
    1. Cambridge Assessment International Education
    2. Ghana Education Service


  • Angels School was crowned most talented at the S.O.S Talento Expo.
  • KEVIN KUUKU NKRUMAH, a 5th Grade Student of Angels Specialist School International placed second in the Amazing Child Contest organized by TV Africa.
  • Angels School 8th Grade Student, Jessica Penu, Won The National Spelling Bee Champion For 2011
Ghana Education Service
Cambridge Assessment International Education
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