Newsletter - September 2019

27th September, 2019

Dear Parent,

“And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry”.  
– Habakkuk 2:2-3


We aim to continually and diligently build the world’s greatest school in the minds, hearts and lives of all who know and will ever know it.


We are happy to welcome our angels back from the long vacation. The sight of the children around stirs up our determination and the challenge to work hard as a school so that we could give them that excellent education, “which will affect their character, thinking and behavior as well as offer them the requisite skills, all within a Christian environment”.


We are happy to announce that the 2019 BECE results have been released and as promised, our students gave a worthy account of themselves. Out of the 19 candidates presented, we had 100% pass and 74% Distinction with two outstanding students making a grade one each of the nine (9) subjects. If parents would recall, we promised we would beat the previous performance pegging.  Our previous performance placed the school 5th on the Ghana Education Service league table of school performances. We look to move up the ladder when this year’s tabulation is done.

We recorded some of the highest marks on our school’s results broadsheet for the IGCSE. In a nutshell our students made more As and Bs than we recorded last year. Out of the 20 candidates, 15 of them recorded a number of A stars/Asterisks, As and Bs. We are excited over these results and feel confident we will beat this mark come next year. We will soon put up a poster/banner to honour all these hardworking students/teachers whose performance has made our school proud.

There is yet one more pupil who deserves special mention- little Michael Mensah, a Preschooler who has made history for coming tops for three consecutive years in the Super Reader contest organized by the Preschool Department. In recognition of this achievement, the school has given Michael two terms full scholarship on school fees. We have since written to congratulate Michael and his parents.


Registration started early this year with over 60 students showing keen interest.

  • 42 candidates sat for the aptitude test conducted by the Spelling Bee external coordinator (Grammar and Punctuation)
  • 37 students passed with a good aggregate.
  • 31 sat for the regular series - competing with schools in the Greater Accra Region. This comprises the following:
  • Round 1 vocabulary: 95 scores
  • Round 2 spelling: 5 scores
  • A student from Angels Specialist School came out tops in the Round 1 vocabulary section in Greater Accra.
  • 22 have qualified for the semi-finals slated for the 7th of December, 2019.
  • Her Royal Highness, wife of Otumfuo, has invited all finalists to Kumasi as guests to an all exclusive dinner at the Manhyia Palace this year.
  • With our fingers  crossed, we will soon know how many Angels Specialist students will make it to the Finals at the national level. Keep praying for us.

Starting this trimester, Management will make some extra-curricular and club activities part of the school’s programme. These activities will be carried out during school hours. The school already does some of the extra programme during school hours (i.e. Flute, Theatrical Arts, Cadet, etc.). Few others such as Piano, Band etc. are done after school hours. What is different this trimester is that many more as shown on the attached will be done during school hours as indicated at no extra fee. Those to be done after school and on Saturdays as indicated on the sheet will attract a fee.

The purpose is to give every child in Angels School an opportunity to learn to play at least, an instrument, learn a skill, enhance a talent, do a sporting activity or be engaged in a club activity. This provision is mandatory for every child in our school.

This is borne out of the understanding that among the children we have are artists who might not do so well in Maths, entrepreneurs who might not excel in history, musicians whose grade in chemistry might not be up to expectation. Among them are sports persons whose physical attributes may be more important than their grades in Physics. Ultimately we hope to give our angels a good exposure for life.

We invite parents to be part of this by volunteering as patrons of the various activities and clubs. The former board chairman of the school who is also the board chairman of the Winneba Youth Choir wishes to adopt the choral group and make a replica of the Winneba Youth Choir out of our children.

We are beefing up the Saturday school to include more extra-curricular activities as shown on the attached sheet. Interested parents who wish to have their children take part can contact Elizabeth on 0543 467 106 for further details.


Security and safety issues for children are increasingly taking centre stage globally and we are not exempted in this part of the globe. Our school is taking safety and security of our angels very seriously. On a daily basis, management discusses various measures with teachers concerning the security and safety of our angels. 

The school is in talk with a number of security experts and organisations to help with their expertise. At the time of writing this newsletter, a member of management sponsored by the school is in training on safety and security measures. Currently we have mounted about 16 closed circuit television cameras in and around the Preschool with their monitors placed in two separate offices.

We have increased our security personnel during rush hours (drop-in time and pick-up time).  Whilst the two gentlemen direct traffic at the car park, there is an extra security standing at the opposite side of the gate watching movement of cars and pedestrians. Teachers have been charged to take turns in twos, to be at the walk-in gate to watch movement of persons that come in and go out during closing hours. There is also a fixed camera that captures the movement of people entering and leaving the security area. And of course, THE ALL-SEEING EYES OF JESUS always watching! We shall keep parents posted on the additional security measures we put in place.


The school has created an online form on its website for parents to update a few details of theirs. These will require the name, email address and child's name.
Parents are entreated to visit the school website, complete the form and return same to the administrator.


The school has acquired an additional bus to ease the pressure on the two we already have. Parents who patronize our bus service can attest to the change in the service. These buses are designated for specific communities and so, now, children get home on time.


It is worth mentioning that for security reasons, we have installed GPS on all our buses. And every member of management can track the buses on their phones wherever they are. Additionally we have installed alarm buttons on all the buses should there be an emergency. We urge parents who require transport to get their children to and from school to patronize the service.


We invite parents who need our boarding facilities to contact Juliana on 0546 957 072 for enquiries.


We do bring to the notice of our cherished parents that Management has reviewed the school fees payment policy to include the following:

  • The 50% scholarship package for a fourth child and beyond has been reviewed to apply to a third child and beyond. With effect from this term, parents who have enrolled more than two children will now have 50% scholarship for the third child and beyond. For example, if a parent has five children in the school, the third, fourth and fifth will each enjoy 50% scholarship off the fees.
  • Added to the above, admission fees have been waived off for existing parents who look to enroll any other children of theirs in the school. As much as possible, Management aims to mitigate the pressure brought to bear on parents; this way, they will be able to pay fees on time.

Why Choose Us

  • We have a rich school culture with our pupils and students coming from over 20 nationalities including the UK, USA, Nigeria, Canada, China, India and other African Countries.
  • Outstanding curricula pursued in strict accordance with :
    1. Cambridge Assessment International Education
    2. Ghana Education Service


  • Angels School was crowned most talented at the S.O.S Talento Expo.
  • KEVIN KUUKU NKRUMAH, a 5th Grade Student of Angels Specialist School International placed second in the Amazing Child Contest organized by TV Africa.
  • Angels School 8th Grade Student, Jessica Penu, Won The National Spelling Bee Champion For 2011
Ghana Education Service
Cambridge Assessment International Education
Read International