Newsletter - October 2018

5th October, 2018

Dear Parent,
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us unto him be glory.
Ephesians 3:20



We are glad to welcome all parents and their children back to school, and to a NEW DAY. A special welcome to the many new parents and fresh students who joined us this trimester. It is exciting to see many foreign students who enrolled this trimester and a good number of students who have been admitted to our Cambridge Secondary Department.



There is a sense of excitement and hope in the air and around the compound. We are quick to notice a physical change, a sense of warmth and a renewed feeling of hope. This awakening is witnessed not only on the compound, but also in our classrooms, in our students, teachers, management and even on our official social media platforms.  Management is particularly excited for the leading of God’s Spirit and the directive and advice from the Board of Directors. Parents, IT’S ABOUT TIME, it’s actually time, it’s a NEW DAY for children in our school. Management is very determined to make that little impact in our children.



This new trimester, we have initiated some very innovative projects and the novelties will in no small way bring about inspiring transformation in our school and affect the school positively.  Among these developments:

1. We have created two extra departments (Lower Primary and Lower Secondary) with their respective heads for a healthier competition and for a more effective running of the system. Note: This is completed.

2. We have introduced Spanish in the school curricula.

Note: The Spanish teacher has been appointed and he will start teaching, on Monday, 8th October, 2018.

3. We have reintroduced the Atentenben (local flute) and it is being handled by Mr. Silas Yankson, the former teacher and son of the late musician Papa Yankson.  Note: He has started teaching. This is exciting.


4. We are revamping the music department vis-à-vis the ABRSM. We are in the process of hiring the services of Mr. Sackey, an ABRSM expert, to support the programme. Note: Negotiation.

5. We are introducing “Taekwando” Martial Arts to all interested children in the lower primary and strictly for boys in the upper primary, Junior High and Secondary departments. Training which begins next week will have the mornings of Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays as the training period. The training hours are between 7:00a.m. and 8:00a.m. each day. Interested parents should contact Brother Collins on 0244175570 for registration.                

6. We have constructed a beautiful playground for lower primary. It will be made fully accessible to the children on Monday, the 8th of October, 2018.


7. We have rebuilt a security post.

8. We have reconstructed the school football park. It will be ready for use as from next term.

9. We have reconstructed a walkway with safety fence so the children will be safe and refrain from walking about in the car park.


10. We are building a first class music laboratory with a set of keyboards and other instruments. This is about 80% complete and it is scheduled to be completed in a few weeks.

11. We are building a language lab while upgrading our existing science lab for the secondary department. These are at the early stage and should be completed by the middle of this term.

12. We are constructing a lawn tennis and a volley pitch. These should be completed by the middle of this term.

13. We have upgraded the canteen to the status of a restaurant. We engaged the services of a chef, (Chef Emmanuel Budu) a former employee of Labadi Beach Hotel. The physical outlook of the school restaurant has been transformed and now looks neat and colorful. The quality and taste of the food has improved. (Your children will testify). As a professional cook, the new school chef ensures the right ingredients are used so that our children will enjoy quality, tasty and meticulous (well balanced) meal. For this reason, coupled with the high cost of food, it is apparent that the five cedis (GH¢5.00) a plate across board (Nursery to Secondary) can no longer support the running of the restaurant.

The restaurant, as from 15th October, 2018, will sell the food as follows:
- Preschool - GH¢5.00 a plate.
- Lower Primary - GH¢6.00 a plate.
- Upper Primary - GH¢7.00 a plate.
- Junior High & Secondary - GH¢9.00 a plate.

Parents can be assured that they will have value for money services. We should use this opportunity to thank the parents who took over the canteen for the last two years until their contract was over. They came in very timely and set the standard for the school. We appreciate them all.

14. We have designed an innovative plan to create a safety condition and prevent children from the preschool rushing into the car park.

15. We have rented a very good boarding facility just a walking distance from the school.  These are some of the reasons you may want to send your ward to our boarding House:

- The facility is plush, palatial and by all standards “a home from home”.
- The students have maximum time for studies (prep).
- There is a lot of discipline and proper grooming in the house.
- The food is good.
- The students are happy and their parents are satisfied.

16. The school’s BECE results this year are the best we have had in recent times. Management and the teachers are poised to do better next year.

Interested parents could visit the school’s website by end of the day for  photos of all these exciting events mentioned.



This term we are impressed with the rise in admission numbers of students to the Cambridge Secondary Department.  Records show that we have subscribers from Senior High Schools in the region.  This goes to buttress the realization that parents are opting for the Cambridge Programme in place of the local content. 

Currently, we are on course to present our second batch for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations in 2019.  Students, who sat for the IGCSE last academic year have given favourable account of themselves, passed the exams and are now admitted to schools recommended by this school to pursue the “A” Level programmes.  We promise parents that we shall not relent in our pursuit of excellent results at the IGCSE and in other related external examinations.



management understands and bears with parents in terms of the enormous financial responsibilities especially in the first term of the academic year. This is the reason why we have not made mention of SCHOOL FEES for almost a month since school reopened. Notwithstanding, as a school we feel the same pressure especially when school fees delay as is the case now.  We wish to remind parents therefore, that come next week Monday, the 8th of October 2018, the school will start its main school fees collection exercise.



We wish to appreciate a very supportive parent who donated complete sets of furniture (chairs & desks) for all the children in his child’s class and for his teacher as well. He also provided and installed an air-conditioner, a flat screen television set, a teacher’s computer, a printer and cupboard for the class. Management is very appreciative of this gesture. May the good Lord bless the work of your hand. That is our prayer. We shall use this opportunity to make a call to any parents who wish to support their children’s class in a similar to emulate this worthy example.



Fifteen of our children have qualified for the national spelling B competition scheduled to come off in November, 2018. The number that qualified for the competition is unprecedented. Management sees this exercise as a school-wide project and will not leave any stone unturned to make history repeat itself. Pray for these children.

Thank you.








Why Choose Us

  • We have a rich school culture with our pupils and students coming from over 20 nationalities including the UK, USA, Nigeria, Canada, China, India and other African Countries.
  • Outstanding curricula pursued in strict accordance with :
    1. Cambridge Assessment International Education
    2. Ghana Education Service


  • Angels School was crowned most talented at the S.O.S Talento Expo.
  • KEVIN KUUKU NKRUMAH, a 5th Grade Student of Angels Specialist School International placed second in the Amazing Child Contest organized by TV Africa.
  • Angels School 8th Grade Student, Jessica Penu, Won The National Spelling Bee Champion For 2011
Ghana Education Service
Cambridge Assessment International Education
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