Newsletter - October 2018

24th October, 2018

Dear Parent,
We do formally announce that, the mid-trimester break begins on Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 14:00hours and ends on Monday, October 29, 2018. Normal academic work will resume on Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

The mid-trimester examination papers and reports will be released to parents on October 25, 2018 at 14:00 hours as stated in our calendar of activities. We appeal to parents to PERSONALLY collect the examination papers and reports from the various class teachers. 

Our attention has been drawn to the fact that the school fees policy of 75% on or before reopening and 25% by mid-term is not adhered to by parents. In respect of the school fees policy, there is an outstanding amount of over Three Hundred and Fifty-One Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢351,000.00) overdue and defaulting parents have been contacted but to no avail. 

In view of this, we make reference to our newsletter dated May, 2018 with the heading New Plan for school fees collection point number four (4) which states in part that we will revert  to asking the children in arrears to stay out of class if parents of affected children do not cooperate. So come Thursday, October, 25 every pupil in arrears of fees will be asked out of class until full payment of fees is made.

Management and indeed the entire school owe a Very Big debt of gratitude to a parent and member of the Board of Directors, who paid close to One Hundred Thousand cedis for us to order the Cambridge books from UK.  This parent who is chary of revealing his identity has a long standing record of supporting the school over the years.  The ease with which we took delivery of these books from the UK leaves the school beholden to this notable parent.

Management is biding its time itching for the day or occasion to publicly honour these parents who have been such great support to our dear school.  But until then, we can only wish them God’s Blessings.  On behalf of the proud children in the school who now have their books, we say; God bless your business.

We wish to remind parents that our boarding house is one of the best places your child should board for the duration. These are some of the reasons you may want to consider putting your angel in such an undiluted hospitality.

  • There is order and discipline
  • There is strict schedule life style in the boarding house that makes maximum time for group learning.
  • The food is hygienic and very nutritious.

The school will give more than fifty percent (50% +) discount to parents who will enroll their wards by the resumption of school from the mid-trimester recess or a little latter.  Parents may call Thomas, the accountant on 0209834890 for negotiation. This facility can take only a limited number of students so as the numbers are rapidly increasing we may soon have to cease admissions into the boarding house.  Please take advantage of this.

The school will start its drop-in programme this Friday, Saturday and Monday.  Parents who need to go to work or attend social functions over the weekend and want a place to leave their children can drop them in the school for maximum care and fun.  Our facility is conducive for such a programme.  Our teachers, without doubt, love your children and will take care of them.  Parents can drop their children from 7:00a.m. till 6:00p.m.  For further information please call Emmanuella on 0201951881 or Elizabeth on 0543467106.


Thank you.







Why Choose Us

  • We have a rich school culture with our pupils and students coming from over 20 nationalities including the UK, USA, Nigeria, Canada, China, India and other African Countries.
  • Outstanding curricula pursued in strict accordance with :
    1. Cambridge Assessment International Education
    2. Ghana Education Service


  • Angels School was crowned most talented at the S.O.S Talento Expo.
  • KEVIN KUUKU NKRUMAH, a 5th Grade Student of Angels Specialist School International placed second in the Amazing Child Contest organized by TV Africa.
  • Angels School 8th Grade Student, Jessica Penu, Won The National Spelling Bee Champion For 2011
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