School Fees Payment

  1. Admission is recognized when payment of school fees, registration and facility fees are either made in full or in part.

  2. Payment of school fees is strictly made into the school’s account number 131018502717 at the CAL BANK and the slip brought back to the account office for receipt.

  3. Parents whose cheques are dishonoured ONCE lose the privilege of issuing cheques in payment of fees. The dishonoured cheque attracts 10% of its face value.

  4. 100% (Full Payment) of the subsequent terms fees must be made ON or BEFORE the day of re-opening of school (this is for fresh parents).

  5. Parents with one or two wards pay their wards’ fees fully (100% of the total fees) ON or BEFORE the resumption of school.  However, parents with more than two wards have the option of paying 75% of the total of fees ON or BEFORE the resumption of school. (this is for old parents)

  6. If by the middle of the term a pupil/student has not reported for school as a result of non-payment of fees he/she is considered withdrawn and as such he/she is taken off the record.

  7. Admission-related fees and cost of application form once paid are not refundable.

  8. Tuition fees once paid are not refundable after resumption of school.

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